Cyalume SnapLight Industrial Grade Flare Alternative Chemical Light Sticks, Orange, Ultra High Intensity, 8" Long, 30 Minute Duration (Pack of 12)

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Manufacturer Description

The Cyalume SnapLight flare alternative chemical light stick is the flare alternative you didn’t even know you needed! This durable, waterproof signaling device is safer and more reliable than typical pyrotechnic flares thanks to their non-flammable, no-heat generated chemistry. Additionally, these chemical light sticks provide ultra-intense, bright orange light for 30 minutes – no matter what condition or environment they are in. They’re the perfect choice as emergency or safety lights and an ideal flare alternative. SnapLight flare alternative lights also come with a reflective strip and wire stand, which prevents rolling and positions each light stick at the optimal angle for visibility. They’re even safer to store than traditional flares, which is one reason they are Department of Transportation (DOT) Non-Hazardous certified. There’s no need for additional storage permits, and the certification ensures safe use for fleets and mass transit organizations. These flare alternative chemical light sticks are the preferred signaling device for fleet and mass transit departments across the country. Made in the USA under strict quality guidelines, you can rest easy knowing each flare alternative light will work without issue when you need it most. These chemical light sticks also come with a guaranteed 2-year shelf life. Cyalume, has long been considered a pioneer and world leader in chemical lighting solutions for tactical and safety applications. Trusted by the US Military and government agencies for over 40 years, our products will perform when you need them to – without question. The durable, waterproof, external body of the light stick is made from low density polyethylene (LDPE), and is phthalate free for safety. The internal illuminating chemical substance is non-toxic and non-flammable, and the components of the light stick are recyclable. This SnapLight floats in water and has a specially designed illuminating substance that performs in warm, cold, wet and dry environments. All sticks are tested at a temperature of 72 degrees F (22 degrees C) to determine the illumination duration. Each 10-degree C (50-degree F) increase or decrease in temperature doubles or halves the reaction rate, and therefore the brightness and duration. For example, the same light stick that emits approximately 30 lux (a unit that describes how much light is visible over a square meter) at 15 minutes after activation at 24 degrees C (75 degrees F), will be half as bright but glow twice as long at 14 degrees C (57 degrees F). At 34 degrees C (93 degrees F), the same light stick would be twice as bright, but glow half as long. Storage at elevated temperatures (above 120 degrees F or 49 degrees C) will decrease shelf life and start to soften the plastic tube, and increase the risk of a leak. Exposure to cold temperatures will not affect the light sticks if they are warmed above 40 degrees F (4.5 degrees C) before activation, unless they are frozen (which occurs at -15 to -20 degrees F, or -26 to -29 degrees C). Once light sticks have been frozen, they will still produce some light, but performance will not be as reliable. Humidity and atmospheric conditions do not affect the light sticks. Light sticks are chemiluminescent substances in plastic tubes that provide hours of illumination in a number of safety, industrial, and military applications. Light sticks are waterproof and non-flammable, and non-sparking, which makes them useful in hazardous situations where sparks or flame could cause an explosion. Duration is determined by the chemistry of the formulation. Brightness is affected by temperature: the warmer the temperature, the brighter the light will appear. All sticks are tested at a temperature of 72 degrees F to determine the illumination duration. Viewing distance can be affected by temperature, moisture, and other elements. Exposure to direct sunlight can reduce shelf life and effectiveness.

Product Features

SnapLight ultra-high intensity, flare alternative orange light stick for providing illumination for up to 30 minutes Measures 8" long and provides 360 degrees of illumination Meets Department of Transportation (DOT) non-hazardous standards Chemiluminescent substance is non-toxic and plastic body is phthalate free for safety Two-year shelf life from date of manufacture for a maintenance-free alternative to other lighting options

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