1000′ Foot OD Olive Drab Green Parachute Cord Paracord Type III Military Specification 550

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The product featured here is the 1000 foot spool of black parachute cord, direct from the manufacturer. This is the exact type of cord that is sold to the US Military for non-critical missions, where reliability is a must. The paracord advertised here is not a cheap imitation, it is the real thing!

Because individual strands of 550 paracord can be easily removed and combined into your own configurations, this small rope can be put to a wide variety of survival uses. As a general purpose utility cord 550 can be used for:

Ridge lines for Tarps
Securing Equipment
Hanging Food from Bears
Vehicle Tie Downs
Sewing Fabric
Repairing Equipment
Making a Fire Bow
Fishing Line
Paracord String for a Bow
Making a Shelter
Fish Gill Nets
Fishing Line
Animal Snares
Clothes Lines
Paracord Lanyards
Anchor Line
Animal Restraints
Tooth Floss
Paracord Braiding
Other Paracord Crafts

From setting up a tarp to paracord braiding, no survival kit is complete without a long hank of paracord. This strong cordage is the survival experts friend.

Product Features

  • Color: Olive Drab
  • 7 Strand Cordura Nylon | 550 Type III Parachute Cord (Paracord)
  • Strength: 550 lbs
  • Length: 1000 Feet


Anonymous says:

Good cord! More than worth it for general applications! We purchased this to use for the 4th of July party. We needed some areas of shade for the guests. We ended up using this 550 cord with some tarps bought from a certain inexpensive tool store.The cord performed as well as any that I used in the military. Stretch was existent, but that is to be expected with a braided cord of any kind. The line held taut when stretched over 100 feet. Minimal stretch when we added the tarps to it.Our issue came with the wind blowing the…

Anonymous says:

Cheap, strong as hell, unobtrusive, rain-tolerant, almost better than duct tape! I keep hanks of this stuff in my truckbed exposed to weather for months at a time. And when I’m ready to secure an engine block, shelving, tarps, scrap metal, furniture, or whatever in the back of my truck, there is NOTHING I have yet found which is easier to tie them off with more quickly, conveniently or securely than this parachute cord. Along the way I’ve discovered that it makes THE BEST shoe and boot laces available. You can wrap a doubled length around your trailer hitch and tie a…

Anonymous says:

Not MIL-C-5040H This is decent paracord, but it is not MIL-C-5040H US Military Standard in any fashion.It is commercial grade, 7 strand, 2- ply yarn paracord that does not have a manufacturer identifier. It is shipped on a cardboard spool that is very flimsy and comes apart very easily.Since the seller has misrepresented this product by calling it “Type III Military Specification 550”, and further stating “This is the exact type of cord that is sold to the US Military”…

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