11ft Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net – 2019 Upgraded – Ultralight Hammock Tent Bundle with Bug Netting, Straps, and Carabiners (Grey-Blue Ripstop with Ridgeline, Double/Large)

July 9, 2019 - Comment
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Lay-Flat Pinnacles Hammock

◆A TRUE Camping Hammock; get the perfect lay-flat night sleep free from bugs. The netting is 100% removable when it isn’t needed or to save weight.
◆Rapid and reliable set-up without confusing knots
◆Travel ready for hiking, backpacking, and camping
◆Astonishingly spacious, yet lightweight and compact
◆”Dynalon” Ripstop Nylon: SOFTER, STRONGER, & more COMFORTABLE than the cheap 210T 70D nylon everyone else uses.

Ridge Outdoor Gear
◆We are a small U.S. business specializing in gear that performs like it costs twice as much.
◆We believe in REAL U.S. customer service. If there is an issue, please email us so our friendly U.S. staff can help!

Don’t Compromise: Don’t buy a hammock that will only last one season. Other competitors cut corners by selling hammocks with less material (i.e., they are smaller!) and with cheaper nylon, HEAVY steel rust-prone carabiners, and tree-damaging ropes that require complex knots.

◆Hammock with mosquito net cover (net is removable)
◆2 x 3m adjustable straps, 10 loops each
◆2 x Aviation-grade alloy carabiners
◆Money back guarantee; email us if there is an issue and we’ll fix it!

◆While two people in this hammock is great for double selfies and snuggling, most people will find it uncomfortable for sleeping. For the best lay-flat sleep lay solo on the diagonal.
◆Do not remove the ridgeline rope and then use the hammock while the mosquito mesh is installed. This will damage the mosquito net beyond repair.
◆Nylon hammock tents are inherently thinner than cotton hammocks, but they are very strong and better for hiking, traveling, camp sleeping, etc.
◆Mosquitoes may bite through the bottom fabric; use a sleep pad/blanket for protection.
◆Avoid pro-longed UV light exposure.

Buy Once. Buy Right. Buy Ridge.

Product Features

  • ★LAY-FLAT Comfort: Discover lay-flat sleep in our camping hammock with mosquito net. The net is removable.
  • ★Buy from a USA COMPANY with real customer support. No hassles or foreign customer service, simply email us if there is an issue.
  • ★SLEEP BETTER: Our new luxurious “Dynalon” ripstop is softer, stronger, and more comfortable than the cheap 210T 70D nylon everyone else uses.
  • ★SIMPLE & FAST: Our suspension is knot-free, tree friendly, and can be set-up in 1-min.
  • ★SPACIOUS, yet compact & ultralight: 11 ft long, 22.3 oz (31.3 oz including suspension).


Anonymous says:

Quality all in one package I bought this hammock because the bundle came with tree straps and the hammock can also be used without the netting. I especially like that the hammock can hold up to 500 pounds as it assures me that I have nothing to worry about when my pregnant wife climbs in to relax. We love this hammock so much we’re thinking about getting two more (one for the wife and one for the new baby) and all sleeping out on the patio so that we can airbnb our bed to afford diapers and SF rent at the same time…

Anonymous says:

Good hammock, but a few things to know… Bought 2 of these for my kids to use at a summer camp. The last day of camp they had to pattleboard to an island to camp over night. The bugs are bad so we got this hammock for the bug net. The hammocks are good quality and easy to setup out of the box. These hammocks are smaller than other hammocks we’ve had in the past, even for teenagers. Also it’s important to know that mosquitos will bite through the hammock. My kids had a ton of bites on their backs.

Anonymous says:

Genius craftsmanship. My new favorite! THIS. It’s like the creator tapped into my overly critical mind, considered all the things that I dislike about hammock camping (and I LOVE hammock camping) and just. fixed. it.silly heavy steal carabiners —> stylish aluminum carabiners insteadheavy and bulky rope connection at each end —> smaller and sturdy nylon connectionsfreakishly long, thick and heavy tree straps- shorter, sleeker, lighter, while still somehow quite robust nylon straps…

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