150 Bags in 3 sizes! 50 Pint, 50 Quart and 50 Gallon food saver bag commercial grade vacuum sealer bags for Food saver & more machines, plus Sous Vide Cooking

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150 bags total = 50 6″ X 10″, 50 8″ X 12″ and 50 11″ X 16″ Pre cut Food Vac Bags nutritional value of all of your foods, 50Pint,50Quart and 50Gallon pre cut food saver bags high quality vacuum bag, sealed on 3 sides for easy use.Vacuum seal bags come pre-cut, pre-sealed at one end. These seal a meal bags are super easy to wash and re-use. They are thick, Super qualityand hold a better seal as good as any bag with a “brand”.These Food Storage Bags are just as good as the expensive name brand ones that came with almost any vacuum sealer.No problem sealing, heavy material and as you expected from the lower price.

Food saver bags Pint,Quart and Gallon size of Key Features:
◆ Reusable
◆Dishwasher Safe
◆Color: transparent
◆BPA Free and FDA approved
◆Easy writing area for labeling
◆Boilable – Perfect for Sous Vide cooking
◆Heavy-duty 2 layer(PA+PE) 3.5 mil seal bags food saver
◆No markings on bag – perfect for resale of goods
◆Less spoilt food, less waste… more $$$ in your pocket
◆Compatible with all ‘Clamp Style’ Vacuum Packaging machines
◆Make your bags the exact length you need; no wasted material
◆The function is the same with the leading brand vacuum sealer bags or rolls
◆Helps slow down food spoilage; no more soggy, gritty, wilting fruit and vegetables
◆One side clear and one side with embossed texture, no markings on bag – perfect for resale of goods

Our vacuum sealer rolls can be used on most “clamp style” sealers such as:
◆Seal A Meal
◆George Foreman
◆and many more…

With our 1 Year guarantee, you can buy now with total peace of mind.our facotry have been produced and exported to overseas customers from more than 18years .

Product Features

  • 50 of each size pre-cut vacuum sealer Pint,Quart and Gallon food saverbags – a heavy-duty premium alternative to Food saver, Seal-a-Meal and other brand name food vacuum sealer storage bags. Excellent quality bag at economical price.
  • Popular food vac bags Pint, Quart and Gallon size pre cut – 50 Each size precut vacuum sealer bag. Our most popular size and best value. Perfect for a variety of foods and household items & keepsakes.
  • Food Safe Material – BPA Free and FDA Approved for freezer food storage, microwave, and sous vide vacume cooking£¬Great for food storage PLUS collectibles, valuable documents, silver & electronics.
  • Pint ,Quart and Gallon food saver bags works with all vacuum sealer machines – Universal bag design to work with all food vacuum heat sealer machines. Easy to use, no rolls to cut. A money & food saver.Premade bags cost less, inch-per-inch, than rolls AND take less time to use!!
  • Heavy-Duty – Designed with 3.5 mil front panel, 4 mil embossed back panel for maximum protection and freshness up to 5 times longer than traditional methods of packaging. Eliminates freezer burn and dehydration, Embossed air-removal channels increase suction for maximum freshness.


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