2 Pack of Glow in The Dark Tape – 30 ft x 1 inch – Glow-in-The-Dark Luminous Halloween Photoluminescent Luminescent Emergency Roll Safety Egress Markers Stairs, Walls, Steps, Exit Sign

January 5, 2020 - Comment
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This glow tape is great for Halloween. After exposing it to natural or artificial light, it will glow in the dark for up to 8 hours with the glow fading over time until the next recharge. This neon green fluorescent tape is great for luminous safety lighting in the dark in your home or on stage. It is photoluminescent, which means that it appears flourescent green, emitting glo -like photons to the immediately surrounding area. The luminescent qualities can be used to mark exit signs or other landmarks indoors or to light up games for fun outdoor night activities.

Product Features

  • GLOW TAPE TWO PACK – GREAT VALUE FOR THE MONEY – 1 inch wide, 30 yards long and comes in a PACK OF 2 – saving you both time and money!
  • GLOW IN THE DARK TAPE THAT LASTS LONG – Lasts up to 8 hours before needing a recharge.
  • STRONG RELIABLE TAPE – GETS THE JOB DONE – Flourescent neon green color that is easily findable in the night time or dark.
  • NON-REFLECTIVE, STICKS WELL, Use for glowing safety lighting, or mark exit and egress signs and stairs. Use on stage floors to identify locations and other items with luminous markers- our tape can be used both indoors and outdoors in any weather. Lockport non-reflective glo tape is used in thousands of venues, on famous stages, and with all kinds of fun outdoor activities.


Anonymous says:

The best glow in the dark anything — ever! I would own glow in the dark everything if I could, which means I own a lot of glow in the dark things.THIS TAPE OUTSHINES IT ALL! It really works and I will be buying more, I love it.I have put it on my hula hoop and switches in the garage:)The best :)Update****!!! 6 months later and everything with this awesome tape still holds a glow. The tape I put on my light switches in the garage help me out so much. I didn’t expect the G (for garage) & the O (for outside) to…

Anonymous says:

Bright &cheap, long glow time, not for rough surfaces. Decent price per length. Noticeably brighter glow than hardware store duck brand glow cloth tape and better price per length. Not as bright as professional spike tape but much cheaper. Not nearly as sticky as I had hoped, the tape is quite stiff and does not easily conform to textured or uneven surfaces. I had to use packing tape over this product to get it to stick to painted wood and painted metal. Sticks to smooth unpainted wood adequately. I bought three rolls to mark a large step unit…

blank Anonymous says:

My son thought it was LED light! This tape is amazing!! It glows so bright that my son thought it was an LED light rather than glow in the dark!! I read the reviews here before my purchase and some claim the glow doesn’t last. In my experience, if you want a lasting glow you have to be willing to let it “charge” under a bright light. I charge mine under a bright bulb for 20 minutes before bed and it is still glowing 6-8 hours later. Other pieces I have, only get the charge of some filtered daylight and those still glow…

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