2L Hydration Pack Water Bladder & Cooler Bag | KEEPS WATER COOL & PROTECTS YOUR BLADDER | Durable Leak Proof Water Reservoir | Large Oppening | Tasteless BPA Free | Quick Release Tube & Shutoff Valve

September 11, 2017 - Comment
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Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Recreational Activities And Remain Perfectly Hydrated Thanks To The Ultimate Hydration Bladder!

Are you a fitness enthusiast who likes to lead an active lifestyle? Do you like exercising outdoors?

If you have been looking for an easy, safe way to have access to clear water and remain hydrated, enjoying your outdoor activities to the fullest, your quest stops here!

The FREEMOVE 2L source hydration bladder is exactly what you need!

Premium Quality Materials And Practical, Ergonomic Design

This heavy duty hydration bladder is made of finest quality, FDA approved, BPA and taste free TPU, which is an incomparably flexible and anti-bacterial material.

What is more, the neoprene insulated hose promises to preserve the water’s cold temperature, allowing you to drink clean and cool water whenever you feel like it.

This top notch outdoor hydration reservoir bladder features a quick release tube auto-lock system which effectively prevents leaking and helps you disconnect the tube effortlessly.

In addition, the soft bite mouthpiece facilitates comfortable, easy drinking and fast water flow, while the protective cap prevents the ingress of dirt and dust, offering you maximum hygiene.

Last but not least, the hydration water bladder features a measuring scale on the front side to help you check on the amount of water left in it.

Get An Amazing Bonus Item

Along with the hydration reservoir water bladder, you will receive an insulated bottle sleeve FOR FREE!

Use it to keep your drinks, snacks and desserts cold or hot and have all you need with you at your outdoors adventures!

Do Not Waste Time And Place Your Order Now While Supplies Still Last!

Product Features

  • ✔EXCELLENT QUALITY THAT WILL IMPRESS YOU: This top notch 2L Hydration bladder is made of most durable, flexible and thick TPU material on the market. Our water reservoir is tasteless & BPA free and most important FDA approved. It has an insulated neoprene tube, which prevents water heating, so your water remains fresh and cool. This Hydration bag is exactly what you need to stay hydrated! You’ll be shocked and amazed, at how perfect it is, when you’ll try it! DON’T WAIT, GET YOURS TODAY!
  • ✔A MUST HAVE FOR EVERY OUTDOORS ENTHUSIAST: Whether you like backpacking, hiking, cycling, running, motorcycling, kayaking & other water sports, camping, skiboarding or you just love exploring nature and enjoy spending time outdoors, this heavy duty hydration bladder is ideal for you! Its lightweight design along with its 2L capacity will help you have access to clear water and remain perfectly hydrated at all times! TRY IT AND FEEL THE DIFFERENCE!
  • ✔ORDER NOW WITH NO RISK! 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Our awesome Hydration bladder is the BEST SELLER on Amazon for a reason! BEWARE OF CHEAP AND LOW-QUALITY IMITATIONS! Only water pack sold by FREEMOVE (and Fulfilled by Amazon) are guaranteed to be the top quality, with excellent customer service. We only care about your 100% satisfaction, so our offer includes 100% Money-Back Guarantee & Replacements LIFETIME GUARANTEE! Don’t Wait, Click the ADD TO CART Button Now!
  • ✔QUICK RELEASE TUBE & MOUTHPIECE – SHUTOFF VALVE – LARGE OPENING: The FREEMOVE 2L hydration pack features a quick release tube or mouthpiece with on/off button. You just simply press the button and the tube or mouthpiece is disconnected. The mouthpiece with shutoff valve prevents leaking, while the protective cap protects against dust & dirt. Switch to ON when you drinking & OFF when you don’t. This water pouch has an extremely large opening for easy cleaning & even easier filling of ice cubes.
  • ✔ FREE COOLER BAG – INSTANTLY PROTECTS YOUR WATER BLADDER & KEEPS WATER COOL – We designed superior Hydration pouch – sleeve, which protects your water bag from any damage & maintain the temperature of your drinks up to 5 hours. SIMPLE INNOVATION THAT WORKS & FITS TO EVERY HYDRATION BACKPACK! No more worries from damage & leakage. Even your backpack belongings are protected from spills. Last but not least, your snacks & drinks are protected from heat or from the cold. #1 RECOMMENDED Camel pack!


Tam says:

Great hydration pack with good features This hydration pack worked pretty well with my backpack. The only bad part about it is how hard and long you have to suck to get the water to come out. I really liked the on and off switch and the cap to keep the nozzle clean. The cooler bag didn’t work well with a full pouch of water inside my hydration backpack. It can fit but it’s so bulky. It was perfect though for an additional large water bottle in a separate bag. It really did keep the water cool! I washed everything really well with…

Greg S. says:

Great product. Great preemptive customer service. Comes with a mouth piece valve shut off (a must to prevent leaking), plus the mouth piece itself clips in for easy cleaning and replacement if needed. Has a mouth piece dust cap. Hose clips into bag, and has wide mouth fill. Plus an insulation bag too. Hiked for three hours in and over rocks in caves and on hot trails… no leaks! Just have to carefully thread the big cap and test to make sure it seals, as it is a little bit finicky. I just put a towel in it when cleaning to help it dry out…

MT PT says:

Average bladder I like the idea of the insulated carrier but it makes the bladder not fit as well in most packs made for smaller reservoirs like this. The removable tube has no stopper so reservoir has to be empty to utilize this feature. Bag has been washed as directed and used multiple times and still tastes very plastic. Tubing also kinks easily. I did attempt to contact the company regarding these concerns shortly after purchase and never heard back from them. The most positive thing about it thus far is…

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