3D Baby Hip Carrier All Season Baby Sling with 9 Carry Positions Truly Hands-Free for Easy Breastfeeding, No Infant Insert Needed, One Size Fits All -Adapt to Newborn, Infant & Toddler, Great Hiking

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“I tried so many different brands of baby carriers and only this one in my opinion most ergonomic for babies’ spine and hips. It is very comfortable for both baby and mother. My daughter loves it.” – Alexandra More functionality, easier to use, and even more comfortable  We specifically engineered a carrier with a built in ergonomic 3D hip seat so that no matter which position you carry your baby, whether it’s facing in, forward facing, hip carry or back carry, your baby’s hips are always in the correct M position, knees supported at hip level, legs open and not dangling. It’s literally impossible to wear your baby wrong in our carrier. The hip seat absorbs the weight of the baby so your baby will feel much lighter on your shoulders and you’ll feel less pressure on your back. Because the baby is sitting on an extra seat, unlike a normal traditional carrier where baby has to be wrapped tightly to the parent’s body, the 3D hip seat provides more room for the baby so he won’t feel enclosed in. This Infant Carrier is a all-in-1 carrier that lets smaller babies face in towards mom/dad and lets older babies face out to explore! Soft mini-vented lining, adjustable side straps, and mesh side panels work together to deliver a comfortable ride for baby. Padded parent shoulder straps, bi-directional side straps, and lumbar support all adjust to accommodate mom or dad. A unique cuddle pocket helps create an added sense of closeness.  All-in-1: Faces in towards mom/dad or faces out for baby to explore Soft, mini-vented lining, mesh side panels, and adjustable side straps Padded shoulder straps and bi-directional side straps adjust for mom/dad Padded lumbar support adjusts for mom/dad Machine-washable bib, covered pocket, two mesh pockets, and cuddle pocket

Product Features

  • Versatile 9 carry positions-It’s hard to understand which style of carrier is best for your family’s needs. you can wear your baby up to 9 different ways. Our unique attachment system allows you to use the carrier as a hip seat (without any attachment), or like a traditional structured carrier (using our double shoulder attachment) or like a ring sling (using our single shoulder attachment).
  • Ergonomic for parents-As your baby grows and gets heavier, carrying your baby for long periods of time without a carrier can be very hard on your body.Not only does the hip seat absorbs the weight of your baby so that the weight you feel will also be significantly lighter, this baby carrier comes with a high waist belt (same concept as the waist protection belt that movers wear when they have to carry heavy items) to protect your lower back.
  • Ergonomic for baby-Some carriers does not offer forward facing as an option because baby’s hips are not supported and will dangle. With our 3D hip seat, which ensures that baby’s legs are always in the M positioning, so baby’s legs are well position even facing forward.  We want to offer parents the option to forward face their baby because as your baby develops, he will naturally be curious by his surroundings and forwarding facing allows your baby to explore while in the comfort and safety of
  • Easy to use-Wraps and ring slings can be complicated to learn. Many moms are overwhelmed by the intricate fabric systems and dads tend to not be willing to learn. This baby carrier is very straight forward , the waist belt velcro attachment takes seconds to put on.
  • Safety testing-We take safety very seriously. This baby carrier has been submitted and approved by global wide safety standards through testing. Double Security buckles  Longer waist belt and shoulder straps to offer even a wider range of fit for people of all sizes. Anti slip guard and extra padding on 3D hip seat.


Anonymous says:

finally I got the right one! After trying many baby carriers with 3 kids in almost 9 years, finally got the one that makes me satisfied.it’s an all in one baby carrier with a really user-friendly design. I can totally carry the baby with a relaxing condition and feel less tiring to hold the baby. the back and the waist straps are sturdy attached, both of them share the weight of the baby and the size are adjustable. the carrier can also do hip carrying whenever the baby needs to sleep.the little hood is very…

Anonymous says:

It’s convenient to use,like it! That’s a good experience that I received the baby soft carrier for couple days. Because it makes me hands free, especially when I went to supermarket. Before that when I went to supermarket,I need to take my baby with the stroller, I need to pay more attention on my baby when I pick fish or vegetables. Also it makes my baby more close to me, it makes my baby feel more saver. So it’s a good experience to have this baby carrier.

Anonymous says:

You can’t beat the carrier for the price you pay I bought this carrier last month, and wanted to use it for a while before writing a review. It’s been two weeks, and this is by far my favorite carrier for my little son.For reference, I am 6 feet tall, 170 pounds. It fits me perfectly. My son is 6 months old, 18 pounds.I love this carrier. It’s extremely easy to put on, take off, and adjust. It’s comfortable for hours and hours of wear whether you’re carrier the baby in the front or in the back. It’s a nice, neutral…

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