4mil 200 Pint 6 x 10 Inch Size Vacuum Sealer Storage Bags for Food Saver,PreCut Heavy Duty Vacuum Seal a Meal Food Saver Bag

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Our universal pre-cut bags mainly come in three sizes – Pint (6×10 inch), Quart (8×12 inch)and Gallon (11×16 inch) – to easily vacuumed by any brand vacuum sealers. Pre-cut bags make vacuum sealing effortless.Food vac bags block oxygen and moisture. Embossed air-removal channels increase suction for maximum freshness. more than 5 times longer freezer storage time, locking in freshness, flavor and nutritional value – no freezer burn!

Vacuum Seal Bags are perfect for:
Meal Prepping
Buying in Bulk
Storing Leftovers
Cooking Sous Vide
Long Term Freezer Storage
Processing Fish & Wild Game
Harvesting Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, & Herbs

Vac Seal Bags Specifications:
BPA free and FDA approved
3.5 mil thick non-embossed front panel for optimum clarity
Constructed of food grade material to block moisture and oxygen
Easy-to-use and economical for sealing items of different sizes and lengths
4 mil thick embossed back panel with dot air channel design for maximum oxygen removal
Universal designed embossed panel for maximum air removal on all major brand vacuum sealers

Freezer and Cook Safe
Our bags are designed to withdraw oxygen from the bag, keeping your food’s moisture in and preventing oxygen from seeping back into your food, in order to prevent freezer burn. Have specially designed channels that remove oxygen, creating an airtight barrier that locks in flavor and prevents spoilage and freezer burn.Our bags are safe to be used for sous vide cooking, boiling to reheat, or in the microwave reheat or steam when the bag is punctured.

Worry Free-Warranty
We are strong believer in whole foods we can provide to our families to keep us healthy and happy. We is committed to superior service and quality products that we stand behind. We welcome you to our shop!

Product Features

  • Popular Pint Bags Size – 200 Bulk Pack of 6 x 10 Inch Pint precut bags. Perfect to vacuum seal foods and other household items.
  • Work Any Vacuum Sealer Machines – Universal design that works with all clamp-type vac heat sealers. Better inch-per-inch value than rolls and easier to use.
  • Pint Pre-Cut Bags- Premium alternative to FoodSaver, Seal-a-meal and other brand name food sealer storage bags. High in quality, economical in price. Premade bags cost less, inch-per-inch, than rolls and take less time to use!!
  • Heavy Duty Commercial Quality – Designed with 4 mil Front Panel, 4 mil Embossed back panel for maximum protection and freshness. Eliminates freezer burn and dehydration. Extend food shelf-life 5 times. Increase storage time and nutritional value. our product provide with best value .
  • Food Safe – BPA Free and FDA approved material for storing fresh or cooked foods in freezer, microwave, and sous vide vaccume cooking,These vacuum food bags are made of the highest-quality material. They are food grade, with no BPA, Phthalates, or any harmful or allergenic substances.


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