5/8″ Contoured Side Release Buckles for Paracord Bracelets Multiple Color and Quantity (black, 100 pack)

January 9, 2019 - Comment
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These larger 5/8″ buckles are commonly used for the King Cobra paracord bracelets. Sturdy and not hard to open since they have little grooves inside the female end that keep the male aligned when taking apart. These have less rattle(fit tighter) and a thicker end bar on the female side than many others.

Product Features

  • letters KAM on the end bar
  • Has thicker end bars than most other 5/8 buckles
  • Has less chatter (fits tighter) than most 5/8 buckles
  • total length is 1 1/2″ width at the widest point is 0.9″ webbing hole is .64″ or 16mm (5/8″= .625″)


Anonymous says:

Perfect buckles for 4-strand paracord bracelets I like these buckles, used them for larger braclets with 4-strand paracord core. They don’t stick like some of the smaller buckles. There’s a decent choice of colors for my resell line, as I offer a smaller selection of colors. I don’t need as many options like my smaller custom braclets for shows and website. I’d recommend these to a friend and would buy them again.

Anonymous says:

My “clip-unclip” finger exercise today . . .ALL10 buckles snap./unsnap as expected–HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Oops! I GOOFED–MY BAD-(I know now I need 3/8 for a particular lightweight cord project–I didn’t realize measurement is taken inside the loop where cord goes; however, these WILL get used with the heavier paracord. They are sturdy, consistent, & snap to clip as expected w/o coming undone easily. I’m impressed after new experience with dept store “crappy” buckles that opened just looking at them & just picking up cord to make the next weave, fell open/off the jig. THESE ARE AWESOME!

Anonymous says:

Only use these… Used over 300 without a bad 1…

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