7-Strand OD Green Paracord / Parachute Cord 1,010 Ft. Spool. 25 Colors, Guaranteed U.S. Made Military Survival Cord, Type III, 550 Lb. Break Strength for Projects and Bracelets. Includes Two Ebooks.

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We are U.S. Military Veterans and Paracord Snobs!

WE KNOW PARACORD and have sold literally TONS of it!

Paracord has THOUSANDS of different uses!

– Securing or lashing luggage or gear, clothesline, shoe or boot laces, emergency stitches, starting a fire
– Emergency tourniquet, grips on knives, axes or other hand tools, rifle sling, holder strap for sunglasses
– Make a Paracord bracelet, decorative Knot, wrap a coffee cup, hang a pinata, boy and girl scout projects
– Zipper pull, learning to tie knots, whistle lanyard, pulling out a loose tooth, make a net, tie a door open
– Tie off a 6-pack of beer to cool it by submerging it into a cold lake or stream, tent rope, hang a sign
– Fish stringer, macrame projects. key fob, self-defense weapon (monkey fist), tie up a woman’s corset
– Dog run line, sew a button on, tie a fly, snare or trap, net, fishing line or trot line, repair wicker furniture
– secure electrical or electronic cords together, string Christmas or other decorative lights, crabbing
– lash a boat to the dock, boat anchor line, tie climbing vines to trellis, tie an inner tube raft together
– “soft patch” repair a hose or pipe, string cans together for an alarm, basketball hoop net, flag pole line
– hang a bird feeder, bundle firewood together, fencing, binoculars strap, dental floss, sandal strap

GUARANTEED with our 1 year “No Muss, No Fuss, No B.S.” Guarantee, PERIOD!

– Hobbyists, Home, Garage, Gardening, Landscaping and Roofing
– Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Parachuting, Motorcycling and ATV’s
– Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical Services and Rescue Personnel
– Military, Paramilitary, Paracord Survival Strategies and “Bug Out Bags”
– Automotive Emergency Kits, Boating, Scuba Diving, Cycling, Arts and Crafts
– Boy and Girl Scouts, Farming, Ranching, Construction, Picnics

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Product Features

  • THIS IS A 1,010 FT. SPOOL OF OD (OLIVE DRAB) GREEN, Military Grade, Type III (Type 3) Paracord 550.  It is 1/8″ in diameter with 7 twisted inner Strands all made from 1000 Denier Polyester – as strong or stronger than nylon.  The average tested breaking strength is 550 pounds, and it resists shrinking, color fading, rot, mildew, abrasion, tangling & deterioration from ultra-violet light.
  • PROUDLY MADE in USA BY A U.S. MILITARY VETERAN-OWNED & OPERATED COMPANY in a U.S. Government Certified and inspected Paracord Manufacturing Facility.  100% of the materials in this Paracord are also sourced in the US.
  • INCLUDES TWO EBOOKS:  “Paracord Skills, Bracelets and Projects for Fun and Profit,” and “How to Tie 20 of the Most Useful Knots.”  These eBooks are stuffed with information about Paracord, and are packed with full-color, close-up, high-resolution pictures and drawings.  They will be automatically delivered to you by email after your purchase.
  • GUARANTEED WITH OUR “NO MUSS, NO FUSS, No B.S.” 1 Year Unconditional Guarantee,” PERIOD!
  • MANY USES, INCLUDING:  kayaking and boating, general utility cord or marine rope, spool tools, hunting and fishing gear, soft and supple boot and shoe laces, Scout projects, Bug Out and EDC Bags, strong and heavy duty traps and snares, hand grips on knives, belts, lanyards, camping equipment & tent ropes, logging, hiking, craft accessories and bracelets, monkey fist jig, dog collars and leashes, sewing repairs, rope for flag pole halyard, dental floss, firefighter rescue equipment and more!


Anonymous says:

Wonderful seller, great product Wonderful seller, great product, excellent customer service. I live in Alaska and the rugged conditions of the state require that the gear you carry into the bush with you be top quality products and be made of strong materials. I use 7 strand 550 Paracord on a weekly basis. Be it hanging your caribou or moose meat up and away from bears, to lashing camping gear and supplies to you canoe or kayak or just to have in your vehicle or emergency pack for unexpected situations. No other material I…

Anonymous says:

Works for me. Updating BoB and been seeing the para cord everywhere. Ordered 50′ but was worried this would take a lot of space but instead this versatile stuff fit in my palm. Likely going to order more as it’s pretty compact. If it does all they say (and it seems like it just might) it’ll have a ton of uses and it’s a great purchase.i can easily see many great camping uses.

Anonymous says:

Only Paracord I Ever Buy!!! This is the only Paracord I ever buy! American Made and run buy American Vets. It is also the best Paracord on the market. So far (this week alone) I have purchased 6 different colors (for my wife) to make a Macramé planter hanger. Not only will it last forever, it will look way better than a standard jute hanger – more colorful (red, white and blue) and actually a lot easier to knot than jute. If you have to buy Paracord, buy it from these guys. They’re the best at getting it to…

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