Accutracking VTPlug TK373 3G Real-Time Online GPS OBD II Vehicle Tracker

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AccuTracking has been in GPS tracking business for over 10 years and we stand firmly behind our product and service.


– No contract. No hidden fees. No auto billing. Pay as you go
– 4 packages to choose from. $12.99/$15.99/$20.99/$25.99 per month (updates every 120/60/30/15 seconds). And more discount for quarterly/yearly payment!
– 7 days free trial
– Works with Alexa: just ask “where is my car”
– Auto roaming on multiple GSM networks in the USA/Canada/Mexico.
– Real-time online tracking with traffic. Mobile friendly.
– Car doctor (most cars, not all): real-time online car diagnostics data: engine load, temperature, battery voltage, power load, trouble code
– Alerts via email/SMS/online: Geofence, speeding, low battery, inactivity, fence duration, harsh behavior, ignition/ACC, check-engine with DTC, unplug from vehicle.
– Configurable alert notification time
– Stacks of reports: daily mileage, stops, transits, time and speed statistics, fence stay time, max speed when in/out of fence, state mileage for IFTA fuel tax
– 30 day history
– Download data in CSV/KML format
– Unit filter
– Sub-account (view-only account)
– Easy access to multiple accounts with master account
– Live map embedded on your own website

– When using OBD extension cable, make sure the tracker can still “see” the sky, or it may fail to acquire locations or get inaccurate locations.

Product Features

  • 3G OBD tracker (UMTS/HSPA 850/1900MHz). Roaming SIM card included for best coverage (USA/Canada/Mexico coverage. Contact us for other countries). Works with Alexa (Amazon Echo/Echo Dot).
  • Pay as you go. No contract. No auto billing. No activation fee. No cancellation fee. No hidden fees. Data plan included. 4 packages to choose from: $12.99/$15.99/$20.99/$25.99 per month (updates every 120/60/30/15 seconds). Discount for quarterly/yearly payment. 7 days free trial
  • Easy to install: plug into the vehicle OBD-II port and go! No wiring needed. Easy switching between vehicles. Compatible with most cars (NOT compatible with Mitsubishi). Lightweight (only 1.9oz).
  • Real time online 24×7 GPS tracking. Vehicle diagnostic data included. 30 days history available. Geofence, speed, ignition/ACC, unplug, harsh braking/acceleration/turning, check engine light ON alert (with DTC code) via text/email. Detailed tracking reports (stops, geofence, speeding, inactivity, fence duration, state mileage IFTA)
  • Lifetime warranty. Excellent reception with built-in GSM and GPS antenna. No hassle of running extended antennae!


JG says:

Provides extensive vehicle data for a nominal monthly fee. I was on the fence on whether to give it a five or four star rating. I understand very few companies provide a printed instruction manual so I am fine with a online manual. However, figuring out the functions and features of this unit is more of a trial and error process. I will admit when I emailed customer service they were very prompt in responding and provided a thorough answer. However, I asked to be pointed in the right direction for online information to avoid having to email customer…

JJinHI says:

3G TK373 OBD Tracker I have been using the tracker for a couple of months now and the GPS positioning seems to be very accurate, to within 20 feet. Easy to install…just plug into OBD II in your car, register with AccuTracking and its ready to go. I have tracked my car on the computer while someone else was driving it and I could follow their route and see exactly where the car was parked. The tracker gives a location every 15 seconds on my monitoring plan so I get plotting points on the map, not a continuous…

blank David S. says:

Great GPS tracking device and super simple to install and get running. I installed this tracker in a late model car in about 30 minutes. It can be done in under a minute if you plug it directly into the OBD II port. However, I elected to put a splitter into the system. I removed the factory OBD II connector from under the dash and inserted the splitter cable, and have one side of the splitter going to the GPS tracker, and the other side back to the factory OBD II diagnostic location under the dash. This way you cannot see that a GPS is installed. I placed the…

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