Air Choice Ice Maker – Portable Ice Maker Machine for Countertop, Ice Bullets Ready in 6~8 Mins, 26 lbs/Day, LED Display, Timer, Stainless Steel, Ice Scoop and Basket, Perfect for Party Mixed Drinks

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Sturdy and Durable Stainless Steel
Protects the ice machine from water, rust, or corrosion by durable stainless steel design. Easy to keep clean and tidy with stylish outlook. 26lbs of ice per day, never worry about the party ice events. Ice Maker’s priority job is to keep your ice coming and never let your drinks get warm.

LED Smart Design with High Quality Sensor
Transparent LED and the warning light let you know when the ice basket is full and when you need to add more water. AIRCHOICE Ice maker has a great protection mechanism that will stop itself if the water is too low. Simply tap the “alarm clock “on the control panel, and “+” twice, then it is all set for two hours. You can see the time left on the LED display. Convenient and power efficient.

Removable Ice bucket & Ice scoop
AIRCHOICE ice machine provides removable ice bucket and ice scoop. Easily filled drinks with ice by the ice scoop. Chewable, fresh crystal bullet shaped ice let you enjoy your cooling moment! Your journey with AIRCHOICE Ice Machine will be fulfilled with convenience and enjoyment!

Do you know unless we change our way of using water, two-thirds of the world population will face water scarcity by 2025. Saving water is everyone’s responsibility, and definitely AIRCHOICE’s. As a standpoint of sustainability, our ice maker designed recycle feature, which allows unused ice melt back into reservoir and recycled into making new ice bullets. AIRCHOICE focuses on not only making good-quality.

Remember to leave it for at least 24 hours before first use: Carefully refer to the User Manual for any problem.

Product Features

  • 6 MINS FOR 9 BULLETS – Want a cold drink but there is no ice? No need to run to a store. Our portable ice maker is fast and efficient, making 9 delicious, chewable, bullet shaped ice in average time 6 mins per cycle. The ice machine water tank volume is 71oz and the ice maker storage capacity is up to 1.5lb. AIRCHOICE ice maker will make sure that the ice will always be in place for you
  • SMALL & LARGE ICE BULLETS – AIRCHOICE ice maker offers two sizes of ice bullets. You can choose large or small based on your preferences simply by selecting on control panel on the ice maker. The small ice bullets from our ice maker are easily fit in water bottle openings while large ice bullets are perfect for mixed drinks, iced food, and more
  • EASY OPERATION WITH LED PANEL – AIRCHOICE ice maker requires no installation, just simply plug in, add water, then wait for the fresh bullet shaped ice cubes. The LED control panel of the ice maker is easy to use. Press the switch button to turn on/off the ice maker and press the arrow button to select for small/large ice. Then you are all good!
  • STAINLESS STEEL BASE – The main body of AIRCHOICE ice maker is made of sturdy stainless steel, which ensures the ice maker quality and also makes the ice maker easy to blend in any modern kitchen, bar, or restaurants. Image a stylish & compact ice machine with black stainless steel base sits on your countertop. Matchy-Matchy!
  • ICE BUCKET & SCOOP& 1-YEARWARRANTY – The ice bucket of the ice maker is removable, so if you need a large amount of ice, just simply take the bucket to wherever needed. You can also use ice scoop to easily fill glasses with ice. We value every customer and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. AIRCHOICE ice maker offers one-year warranty, so if there is any problem, we will always take care of it


Anonymous says:

Nice summer with super ice maker! We use lots of ice in our house. And I am so sick of going to the supermarket and buying ice. Also tired of filled up the ice container. That’s too bad man. This is the perfect solution. This ice maker saves my summer! I truely love this..omg… It is able to maker bullet types ice in 2 size, large & small. I like the small size super! Like a crushed ice, but not crushed. If the ice melts, it recycles and makes more ice. I think there is no ice maker to keep the ice frozen, but once the ice…

Anonymous says:

Everything is great so far! This is my first ice maker. I use it to make some ice cubes to put’n my drinks. 2 weeks ago, when I was browsing on Amazon and looking for a portable ice maker,I found this one, and be attracted by its beautiful shape and steel look, except the price was a bit high for me. However, after comparing all of other similar products, I decided to purchase it, and luckily, I think I made the right decision. This ice maker is very easy to use. Just put in water and turn on,that’s all! So far…

Anonymous says:

Must get in summer This is amazing! !My fridge is very old, it doesn’t have ice making function, it kills me , especially in summer time, I love ice drinks, make some cocktails in a hot day, but I am sick of making ice cube with the mould, it takes hours and only like ten pieces, you got take them off then you could make more, if you forgot, great, I got go to store to buy it. But now, Soooo much better, it’s very easy to use, just fill the water, turn it on, wait like 7 mins, you get 9 ice bullets, and you…

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