Airplane Footrest – Large Size Foot Hammock with Premium Memory Foam Reduce Swelling and Pain – The Best Airplane Travel Accessories – Breathable Travel Foot Rest Make Your Long Trip More Comfortable

February 10, 2020 - Comment
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About Angemay:

Angemay is a innovative outdoor and travel gear company. Our goal is to bring you great outdoor and travel gear with unique designs.
Thoughtfully designed,Our gear provides an unmatched combination of features, value, and performance that you will not find anywhere else, exceeding your expectations.

We are different, different!
1.Upgrade space memory foam.
2.Enhanced Breathability .
3.Upgrade Large Size.
4.Slow Rebound,increasing comfort.

How to use the travel foot rest
1.Hook the string part of the footrest to the table.
2.Adjust the strap length to find a comfortable position to relax your feet.
3.Place your feet on it. Your feet are hanged and relaxed at under the seat front of you.
4.Enjoy your time during using it, you become addicted to it.

Our travel foot hammock are very different from others
1. Upgraded foam foam helps relieve fatigue and foot pain and addicts yo.
2. Enhance air permeability, full ventilation, do not let go of every detail.
3.Upgrade large size, unfold size: 17 * 11 inches, make your feet more free and relaxed.
4.Good elasticity, slow rebound, good flexibility, making the journey more enjoyable.

Product Features

  • Upgraded The Space Memory Foam: Most of the footrests on the market are made of ordinary sponges. Our footrest upgrade the best memory foam and fabric of Angemay brand, which are soft, breathable and pressure-free, providing you with more comfortable hammock legs when you travel or sit.
  • Enhanced Breathability: Most Foot Hammock on the market are made of impermeable fabrics Our airplane foot hammock with memory foam-covered air holes contribute to the emission of human body’s hot air. Combined with room temperature, they provide comfortable softness and hardness, so that your feet can rest and relax and enjoy a long flight without back pain or leg pain.
  • Upgrade Large Size: Upgraded the size of the traditional foot hammock, The flat size 17*11 inche, so that your foot can be put in more free space, Keep your legs on a soft mat so they stay comfortable throughout the journey.
  • Slow Rebound: Upgraded the elasticity of the surface cloth on the basis of the traditional foot rest, making the whole foot hammock more elastic, and making your feet as comfortable as hanging in the cloud.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarrantee: we are confident that we will provide this leg-hammock aircraft with a 24 month warranty and friendly customer service, If you have any problem of our product, you can click “seller contact” button in your Amazon account to email us. We would be delighted to help you and we will reply as soon as we can.


Anonymous says:

Perfect For Traveling The padding on the footrest is like memory foam. This is going to be perfect to use whenever I need it to use it in the plane. I’m only 4’11” so it’s frustrating to always have to use my backpack as a footrest since I need to grab things from my bag sometimes. It’s nice that it comes with its own carry case.

Anonymous says:

Comes with a great carrying case! When I bought this item I had one concern – where am I going to put it when I travel so I can easily access it? I was delighted to find it in a small travel pouch when it arrived, it will be much easier to throw in my bag. I haven’t used it on an actual airplane yet, but it feels extremely sturdy and the material is very soft (yet firm at the same time, like a firm memory foam).

Anonymous says:

Light weight , comfortable memory foam airplane footrest or Hammock ! Because of my height I always struggled to get my feet on the airplane floor and release pressure on my lower back during long flights. This foot hammock is a lifesaver on a non-stop Transit Ocean flight from New York to Asia for me. I used it under my calves to elevate my legs, the wide, comfy memory foam pad supported my legs in exactly the right position and it was very easy to use and adjusted the length, it really made my long flight bearable. At the end of the flight my feet and legs…

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