Aisson The Posture Cane, Vertical Cane, Telescopic, Folding, Aluminum Trekking Pole,Black

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Sturdy design
Made of high-quality Aluminum Construction
Revolutionary ergonomic grip handle
Durable 360 ° self-standing stability tip
Height Adjustable Mechanism
has 10 different height adjustments for a custom fit
Extends from 40″ to 49″ for users 5′ to 6’2″
Versatile and Safe
Light-weight, foldable and portable
For long walks, sidewalks and domestic routine jobs
Feel more secure when navigating hills, stairs and uneven terrain.

Product Features

  • Lightweight and sturdy: The Campbell posture cane is lightweight and sturdy for easy carrying. This innovative mobile unit is made of high quality materials and is designed for years to come.
  • 10 different height adjustments: 10 different height adjustments to customize fit. Stand-up self-supporting, easy to take. Stability head, 360° traction ring.
  • Comfortable Arm: The revolutionary ergonomic grip design eliminates downward pressure, allowing you to wear your shoulders and wrists more comfortably while walking. Feel more independent, because this cane also helps you easily remove the chair.
  • REVOLUTIONARY CAMPBELL Bracelet: The revolutionary handle helps you walk upright and change your line of sight, making you look farther, not a tumbler. A revolutionary handle reduces the pressure on your shoulders and wrists.
  • Plus light to change your light: it helps to avant-garde, not to change the line of sight down, helping to balance and move. It supports the strength of the body, helping you to exercise more easily and feel more confident.


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