Aluminum Camping Cookware Mess Kit Set of 10 Lightweight & Portable Which Includes Pan Pot Kettle Cups Spoon Fork Knife Perfect for Backpacking Outdoor Camping Hiking Picnic

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Less Luggage, More Fun

Everybody loves traveling and not the luggage that you have to bring with you. That’s why we have created a portable camping cookware set which you can bring anywhere you go. With this, you don’t have to bring bulky pots with you. You can just carry our set which is packed in one bag to save as much space as possible. You can just simply put it in your backpack or hold it as it is. 

Cook Fresh Foods Wherever You Are

Nothing beats freshly cooked and hot food, do you agree? With our camping cookware set, delicious food is possible. Because it is lightweight and foldable, it doesn’t require too much space, so you can bring it to your outdoor activities and when traveling. This also saves preparation time for food since you can just cook wherever which is a great bonding with your families and friends. 

Picnic and Adventure Made More Convenient

More and more people are getting engaged in different outdoor activities. Are you a big fan of camping, hiking, backpacking, or traveling? Then our cookware mess kit is a must-have for you. You don’t need to bring your entire kitchen set just to enjoy good food outdoors, out cookware set will be more than enough – it meets all your needs! It will be your great outdoor companion.

What’s included: 
Material: Advanced hard alumina
Pot: 190ml (166x89mm)
Frying pan: 86ml (167x39mm)
Kettle/Teapot: 800ml (140mm in diameter, 80mm height, 90mm in diameter, 18mm in diameter)
2 Thermal Insulated Stainless Steel Cups: 175 ml capacity
Spoon, Fork, Knife, carabiner, utensil pouch, and mesh bag
Weight: 940g (including mesh bag and color box package)
Packing size: 18.5*18.5*13CM

Make picnics and camping more convenient! Get your easy to carry cookware set and enjoy cooking anywhere you go!

Product Features

  • A MUST-HAVE KIT – Our camping cookware mess kit includes 1 non-stick pot + aluminum non-stick frying pan + 1 tea kettle + 2 stainless steel cups (175ml) + 1 serving spoon + 1 fork + 1 knife + 1 carabiner + 1 carrying bag.
  • NON-STICKY AND DURABLE – the set is coated with non-stick Teflon so you can easily clean it and is durable too. The cooking set conducts heat quickly so you can cook at a shorter time and enjoy more.
  • EASY TO CARRY – The handles of this set are foldable to save space so you can keep them all in one bag and carry it with you anywhere.
  • HEAT RESISTANT HANDLES- The handles are made out of thermally insulated plastic to keep your fingers from getting burned while cooking and it also allows you to have a firm grip over the item so that it won’t fall.
  • GREAT FOR OUTDOOR KITCHEN – Our cookware set isn’t just solely for camping. You can use it too when you want to eat at the back of your house with family and friends for greater convenience.


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