American Bench Craft Riveted Leather Multi Tool Case for Gerber SUSPENSION, Gerber SUSPENSION NXT and Gerber BEAR GRYLLS ULTIMATE MULTI-TOOL – Gerber Sheath (Black)

June 11, 2019 - Comment
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If you are wondering why our points and description are stern or odd, here’s why: Yes, our Multi Tool case is awesome, probably the best case you can buy (see reviews), and Amazon’s Choice for a Multi Tool Case. HOWEVER, this case is ONLY designed for the Gerber products listed in title! With the popularity of this case, more people have been purchasing for other Multi Tools and Knives it was not intended for, and then returning when it doesn’t fit their knife or Multi Tool stating, “Product Not as Described” or “Product Defective” so they do not have to pay return shipping. If you are unaware, Amazon penalizes sellers when items are returned for those reasons. So, please stop doing that and only buy this case for the Multi Tool it was designed for. This has actually become a real problem and why we’ve had to change the product description and points to try and minimize losses from all the people buying our case for Multi Tools and Knives it was not intended for. Now, if you have the correct Multi Tool, here are the actual product details: It will fit on any belt up to 2″ wide. Due to the initial stiffness of the leather, we recommend working the case onto your belt FIRST before inserting your Multi Tool. The fit of both the tool in the case and case on your belt will be initially very SNUG. This is normal! Please do not return the case because it’s the wrong size. Like a nice pair of leather shoes or any other premium leather goods, your case will require a short breaking in period, so please allow for this. After a bit of time and use, the tool will slide in and out of the case much easier with one hand and on/off your belt easier with the tool in it. This sheath is entirely handcrafted in the USA from a single piece of US Native STEER hide, full grain, vegetable-tanned leather. This case is secured using rust-proof, solid brass rivets to ensure long lasting durability. This case is designed to last for as long as the Multi Tool, if not for longer.

Product Features

  • This Multi Tool Case was designed for Gerber SUSPENSION, Gerber SUSPENSION NXT and Gerber BEAR GRYLLS ULTIMATE MULTI-TOOL Only. Not for any other products.
  • PLEASE see description below for additional SIZING details.
  • As with any PREMIUM leather good, your leather Multi Tool Case will be stiff and rigid out of box
  • Our Leather is quite thick for durability. If you prefer, supple, thinner leather, please don’t buy.
  • Your SUSPENSION, SUSPENSION NXT and BEAR GRYLLS Multi Tool WILL fit really snug and tight at first. Please allow time to break in


Anonymous says:

Secure and heavy duty The original Suspension sheath Velcro did not work after 3 weeks of work. I use my tool many times a day. It was loose on my belt and the cover did not secure. I pd more for this sheath than I did for the tool. It it is secure to my belt and the snap is secure. The only draw back is the design requires me to remove the tool to my belt, but I think it will out last the tool and be used for another.

Anonymous says:

Fits my Gerber Suspension Ordered this as a replacement for the nylon sheath ( that lasted 2 months before falling apart) for my Gerber Suspension multi-tool. Fit was PERFECT. My Gerber fits snugly in the case and the snap closure “snaps” securely. Because I have a wide leather belt the case fits it somewhat tightly when sliding it into position. on my , but I expect it to loosen slightly as is breaks in. I like that the case hangs close to my side and doesn’t “droop” or hang out . Snap closure is easy to work and I…

Anonymous says:

Well Made, High Quality Case I received my multi tool several years ago as a gift. The case was so poor and flimsy I never used it. My work situation changed and I needed a multi tool so either I bought a new case or a whole new multi-tool. I bought the case and it cost almost as much as the tool but this case will probably last forever. It is really well made with thick leather. It will take a while to get broke in but this is a professional grade case, not at all like the cheap, poorly made case that Gerber sells with…

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