Amzdeal Light Box Photo Studio 20 x 20 inch Professional Photography Tent with LED Light 4 Backdrops (White Black Orange Grey)

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Amzdeal Photo Studio 20″x20″ Light Tent with LED Lighting 5500K

Our photo studio can efficiently shoot and provide a perfect shooting effect.
Shoot high-quality photos while reducing the time required for image processing.
Ideal for shooting small and medium products such as digital products, jewelry, watches, toys, electronics, cosmetics and etc.
With the design of mobility, the product is eligible for any digital camera or smart phone.


Model number:FS-C50
Lighting:2×LED strip ( 20 beads per strip)
Light Wattage: 20W( 10W per strip)
Color temperature:5500K
Studio box size:20x20x20 inches
Backdrop:white, black,orange

Package Contents:

1×shooting tent
2×LED strip
8×mini connector
3×plastic backdrop
1×Light Diffuser
1×carry bag

Product Features

  • Amzdeal product photography light box will serve your needs if you’re an online seller, artist or shutterbugs looking for smashing product photos. The LEDs offer a satisfactory 5500K temperature balance with Color Rendering Index (CRI) to keep the colors consistent with every shoot.
  • You can open the light box in 3 ways/angles (top and front). The construction is pretty rugged and tough. No rays will be detected when shooting.Convenient way to soften the light.Comes with diffuser would help taking pictures of reflective objects from showing the little LED lights in the shot.
  • Silver reflective interior of the tent minimize shadows, combined with 4 colors backgrounds allows you to take great pictures with different devices: iPhone, smart phones, cameras 
  • The electric cord initiates at the top of the lightbox, but it is long enough to plug in a wall outlet at the standard height, even when the light box is set up on a table. There is a little switch, no need to unplug or collapse to turn off the lighting.
  • Dimensions:20″x20″x20″, come with a carry bag for easy transportation, can be used in different places with phones or cameras. Easy to instal, no tools required.


Anonymous says:

If they could just fix the backdrop assembly… I did quite a bit of research before purchasing this photo tent. On the plus side, the directions are clear and the assembly is fairly uncomplicated UNTIL YOU GET TO ATTACHING THE BACKGROUNDS. Honestly, for $70, I had some higher expectations than small binder clips I couldn’t even get open. I considered jerry-rigging with Duct tape but again, after seventy bucks, I do not think I should spend the better part of an evening trying to MacGyver my purchase. Didn’t even get around to trying to take…

Anonymous says:

Not perfect, but pretty good. Pros:Perfect size for taking pictures of my beaded jewelry.Light isn’t harshly fluorescent like some other LEDs I’ve tried to use (They make my blue jewelry look ridiculously neon bright) more of a bright white that makes the colors look very natural.Nice long cords, nice selection of backgrounds, sturdy frame.Lots of options for lighting placement, openings, sets ups, etc.Worth the price in my opinion.Cons:I…

Anonymous says:

Love it!

Customer Video Review Length:: 1:35 Mins Just got the light box today and took it for a spin. I think It is everything I was Looking for and more! Best part is it’s very portable! Looking so forward to taking pics for my IG account now!!!

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