AOFAR Magnesium Fire Starter (2-Pack) Pouch for Camping, Hiking, Hunting, Backpacking,Outdoor Survival

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Nearly twenty years, AOFAR focus on the research and development of outdoor products especially in fire starter compass and range finder. AOFAR has first-class production technology and R&D experts. Nowadays, our products is selling all over the world and very popular. We dedicate to improve customer’s outdoor life by rich experience and expertise.

The four most basic elements of survival in the outdoors:fire,water,food,refuge.Fire is a very important part.It can cook food,it can be used for lighting and heating,it can also scare away mosquitoes and wild animals.The best and most primitive method of starting a fire is a magnesium rod. Our AOFAR AF-374 Magnesium Firestarter Kit comes complete with a solid compact magnesium bar that can be used hundreds of times until the magnesium runs out. Simply shave some magnesium into a pile and easily spark the shavings.The shavings will quickly spark into a flame so you can light fire paracord to feed larger pieces of wood. Features:
-Material: magnesium rod,flint.
-Fully sealed design.
-Waterproof and weatherproof .
-Serrated striker,steel scraper.
-.20”Fire Paracord Outdoor Survival Ropes
-Situation: camping, mountaineering, exploring, hunting.

Package Included:
2 AOFAR fire starters
1 Manual
1.HOW TO USE MULTIFUNCTIONAL MAGNESIUM FIRE STARTER 1-Scrape off black protective coating from firestarter rod. 2-Scrape Magnesium into Dust Pile onto Tinder. 3- Sweep Striker on the Flint to create Sparks.Aim Sparks towards Magnesium Dust Pile. 4- Light Fire Paracord Outdoor Survival Ropes to feed the firewood pile.

Product Features

  • Magnesium rod is easily scraped off with serrated striker,and is ignited by sparks from the flint,start fires in any weather conditions.
  • FIRE STARTERS : Each box includes 2 Fire Starters can be used thousands of times.
  • Solid magnesium fuel bar with flint,serrated striker,steel scraper,Fire Paracord Outdoor Survival Ropes.
  • The red waxed flax in Paracord waterproof fire tinder can make instant fire even in heavy rain. 
  • 100% Satisfaction Promise: AOFAR provide 2 years limited warranty and lifetime customer support.


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