Apsung Key Finder, Mini Bluetooth GPS Key Tracker, Smart Bluetooth Finder, Tracker Alarm GPS Locator, Phone Wallet Bag Pet Locator with App Control for iPhone / Android – Grey

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Apsung Intelligent Bluetooth Anti-lost Tracking Tag Alarm Patch

Compatible with IOS 8.0 and above and Android 4.3 and above

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If you at home, in the office, or not traveling, use the “Find it” mode.
If you are outside or traveling use the “Anti-Lost” mode and it will remind you when you are 20-30 Meters away.

Instruction:How to works
1. Download the “Nut” app from APP Store or Google Play Store, or scan QR code in the instruction to download the app.
2. Turn on Bluetooth, make sure your bluetooth on the phone is on.
3. Sign up: Start Nut app and press the sign up button.
4. Pair the nut: Close to your mobile phone and press the button for 5 seconds.
5. Bound your item with Nut.

What’s in the Box:
1 x Apsung Key Finder ( Grey )

Q: Why can i still not connect with the key finder at the first time after i download the “Nut” APP?
A: Long press the key finder for 3 seconds until it ring and flashes to active the key finder, so that you can connect it.

Q: How do i use the key finder to find the smartphone?
A: Please press the key finder two times,then the smartphone will ringing.

Q: How to turn off the key finder?
A: Please long press the key finder for 3 seconds or turn off from your smartphone.

Q: Why it can not connect with another smartphone after i used?
A: Find the setting of your old smartphone’s app, then delete the old connection.

Apsung Warranty:
30 days money back & 12 months warranty, Easy-to-reach Support.

Product Features

  • SMART FINDER — Nut Find 3 makes it easy to find your misplaced items when you’re in Bluetooth range, just tap a button and your key finder will ring loudly, even on silent.
  • USER-FRIENDLY APP — Access the tracking “Nut” app via your tablet or smart phone and instantly track car keys by following the map disconnection point.
  • FAMILY SHARING — Find and share items with anyone. Can’t find the television remote? Track and ring the key finder device from multiple phones and Nut accounts.
  • LOST & FOUND NETWORK — Millions of people from the network helps users find items outside Bluetooth range. If another user walks by your item, your item will updated with its last known location.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY — Super-thin and lightweight to make the key tracker easily fits into your wallet, key ring. 1 Year standby, normal use for 6-8 months, replaceable battery.


rajesh matcha says:

a must have to find your important things !! This is very good and for me a must have device . Always my toddler son loves to play with my keys and most of the time i end up searching for the keys . this gps key tracker not only helps me to know that the keys are far from with an alert it will also help me to find my keys with a nice beep sound when i need. it comes with an inbuilt battery and also the andiod app is very friendly and easy to use. the only concern to me is because i have to keep the Bluetooth and location services on all…

Hans S. Peterson says:

Great Product! This is a great tracker fro your phone. It can find your phone using your wallet or keys, and it can find your wallet and keys from your phone. If you lose both… you’re in some trouble. The way this tracker works is you connect it to your phone, you put it on your keys or wallet, and if you lose one or the other you are able to signal with beeping or find it on a map. This is very useful. This uses an app that is very user friendly and doesn’t take up much space on your phone. It is…

Rebecca Wilson says:

The necessary device in my life. Length:: 1:47 MinsĀ 

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