Aqua Earth 15 Stage Shower Filter With Vitamin C Shower Filters For Hard Water Unique Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Technology | Best Removes Chlorine Fluoride Heavy Metals & Other Sediments

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🚿 Are you looking for an efficient, cost-effective shower water filter to remove chlorine, reduces fluoride and chloramine from your water? Hard water shower filter will make the water cleaner and softer.
Our shower filters to remove chlorine and flouride eliminate the severe health risks associated with bathing in hard water, such as respiratory problems like asthma and generic issues like skin eczema, irritation. Chlorine filter helps to solve the problems of dry skin, dandruff and itching.

💧 Benefits of 15 stage shower filter
✭ Skin protection – Prevent dryness and improve your sensitive skin with a water softener for shower head.
✭ Hair repair – Rejuvenates damaged hair, makes it softer and smoother thanks to Vitamin C and KDF-55 contained in the shower water filter cartridge.
✭ Odor free water – Components of KDF shower filter effectively removes smell of the chlorine and unpleasant odors.
✭ Baby health care – Filter for shower head perfect for young children and baby’s sensitive skin.
Enhance water quality at home by installing our hard water filter!

🔧 Easy installation and full compatibility
Universal shower filter can be installed in any home because it uses a standard 1/2″ thread type and fits most shower heads. Сan also be used in combination with a filtered shower head. Installation takes only a few minutes and no special knowledge or tools are required. Hard water filter is an excellent gift for family, friends and yourself.
Hand held shower filter is a special offer for those who have to travel a lot and need to use water in various places.

⏱ Shower filter replacement cartridge
Capacity of the cartridge is 10,000 gallons of water, which provides clean water for 4 to 6 months, depending on your water quality. A bath shower filter kit contains 2 cartridges that last for about a year.

Product Features

  • PURIFIES WATER FILTER helps fast remove chloramine fluoride and chlorine, heavy metals and other sediment and inhibits the growth of scale in the bath tub
  • BODY CARE less well risk of developing eczema, reduces dry itchy skin, dandruff cares about the health of the skin, hair, nails ideal for bathing children and your Pets
  • COMPLETE COMPATIBILITY can be placed over overhead, handheld, rainfall, and combo shower heads for versatile home use. Protect filtered the whole shower in the house from dirty water
  • CONSISTENT WATER PRESSURE our high-performance inline water filter won’t reduce existing water pressure for an improved rinse. Act as a moisturizer, purifier, softener and gives the best feeling for sensitive skin body wash. This will help removal with rust and iron
  • BENEFITS OF PURIFIED WATER: Clarified water activates your cell, increases the oxygen content in the blood, REMOVES UNPLEASANT ODORS & impurities, relieves fatigue quickly, slows down aging and makes your skin smooth. This shower filter water softener acts as a moisturizer, purifier, softens and provides the best feeling for sensitive skin.


Anonymous says:

very easy! The foam tape was very helpful to protect … Fast delivery! I received it a week ago and fixed it by my husband,very easy! The foam tape was very helpful to protect any potential leakage, although I think even without it, the head would have worked fine. Anyway it’s good. After using it and the 1st time i used this filter, now i can tell somthing: Before my skin is extremely dry, and i can smell the chlorine every time when we shower,because we have city water to our house(OAKLAND,CA) and I can tell for sure when they add more chlorine in…

Anonymous says:

It works! I have had itchy, flaking skin for years and have changed soap and laundry detergent and used lotion and could just never get free of it. Someone suggested that it might be the water (where I live the water is very hard and full of minerals). I bought one of these and have used it for several days now, and the itch is gone! Hallelujah! My skin is still dry, but it is so nice to be rid of that maddening itch.

Anonymous says:

it was easy to install Received it few days ago and installed it right away,it was easy to install,I didn’t even need any tools.Water pressure is high and I felt the difference in the water after using a few days. My skin doesn’t feel dry and itchy anymore after taking a shower. I think this is a good thing and feel this would be a healthy option to our water,because we have city water to our house and I can tell for sure there’s chlorine in it . And now the water doesn’t have that chemical smell anymore! I totally…

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