BARTUN GPS Pet Tracker, Cat Dog Tracking Device with Unlimited Range (Black)

January 13, 2020 - Comment
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Mini size
IP67 Waterproof
GPS+LBS + AGPS positioning
Real time-tracking
Suitable for cat and little dogs
History Record
Remote shutdown
Lower Battery Alarm

GSM GPRS: 850/900/1800/1900
Micro SIM Card: Support 2G
GPS Operational Accuracy : 5m(2D RM)
Working Temperature : -20 °C _+ 55 °C
Data Storage : 90 days
Standby Time : 5 Days
Battery : 400mAh
Compatible system: Android 3.1 or above, Ios 8.0 or above

Package includes:
1 x GPS Tracker
1 x Tracker Silicone Case
1 x USB Cable
1 x Pet Collar
1 x Manual

Product Features

  • Subscription Plan needed – Please Activate the SIM Card when you received it.This SIM card Include 2 Kinds service choices: 1-USA Network Services.The monthly fee is $4. the service include: 50 mins talk/40 SMS/60 MB Byte. 2-International Network Services.The monthly fee is $9.The service include: 15 mins talk/40 SMS /60 MB byte.You can choose which Services when you Activate the SIM Card
  • Real Time Tracking: work based on existing GPS+LBS + AGPS network and GPS satellites, locating and monitoring remote targets by SMS, APP and Internet, which display of location information accurately.( Positioning accuracy up to 5 meters.)Support Android and IOS PC Website
  • Worldwide location tracking – use your BARTUN FP03 GPS dog collar attachment in over 150 countries; manage all features and access your pet’s location via the free Future GPS app or in any browser. BARTUN has no range
  • Mini Size and Small Collar: the important thing that you should know the Standard collar with pet tracker only apply to less 28lb animals. Maybe you can use your own collar, but the wide of your collar should less 0.8 inches.Maximum Collar Size:14inch, Minimum Collar Size 9inch
  • IP67 Waterproof: the GPS pet tracker with IP67 waterproof and shockproof, so they’re sturdy enough to accompany all of your pet’s adventures (If you encounter difficulties, such as, the machine is not turned on, the APP not connected or the collar size is not suitable for your pets, please contact email address: [email protected])


Anonymous says:

Peace of mind for our dog who wants to escape! Our dog has recently started to push under the fence between us and a neighbour and each time I fix it she leaves it for a few days and then will suddenly go back to it and keep push, push, pushing until she gets under again! I became concerned about her getting out so looked at tracker options. This seemed to be one of the few where you don’t need a monthly subscription as it comes with a SIM card. Yes, if you go over a certain amount of data then you need to pay for more space but I think it…

Anonymous says:

Useless. The instructions are poorly written due to poor translation and difficult to follow. Tracker keeps going offline. The device currently says it’s two miles from my house but it’s in my hand, even after I rebooted outside. I’ve followed all instructions to the best of my ability but it is still not working correctly. I do NOT trust that this is going to track my cat when she is outside. It’s not user friendly. How to turn it off? What do the lights mean? How to get it back online? How to…

blank Anonymous says:

The fun you can have with this! Felt a bit overwhelmed when it arrived, once you insert the included sim and log in (the code on the back of the device as the username and the included password in the manual) you’re in and tracking, as simple as that and a really easy user interface. You can message it or ping it with the app to return its location. I bought this to see exactly where my cat trots off to during the day, turns out it’s about three doors downThe possibilities of this are endless, it’s light, discrete and…

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