BESTEN Floorless Indoor Privacy Tent on Bed for Warm and Cozy Sleep Inside Drafty Room (Full/Queen, Charcoal(cp))

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Don’T Worry About The Drafty Wind In Your Room.
Zip Up The Tent And Sleep Cozy And Comfy Inside.
A Mesh Vent On Top Facilitates Fresh Air Circulation So That The Tent Can Keep Warmth Inside Without Condensation.
Reduces Light For Deep Sleep.
*Although The Tent Reduces Lights, It Is Not A Blackout Tent.
**Do Not Use Near Fire Or Flame.


Kids Sharing A Room With Siblings Or Students In A Dorm…They All Need Some Privacy After All.
Give Them Some Privacy And They Will Be Over The Moon!
Touch Friendly Pouch For Tablets And Smartphones Turns This Tent Into A Small Private Theater. An Extra Large Door at the Feetside Let You Enjoy Watching TV without Anything Blocking Your Sight.
Hook For A Lantern/Bluetooth Speaker For Reading And Enjoying Music.
Pocket To Keep Your Stuff Tidy Inside.
All 3 Doors Have Two-Way Double Sided Zippers. You Can Open And Close The Door From Inside The Tent.
Play Tent During The Day & Sleeping Tent During The Night Great As A Kids’ Fort On A Floor Or On A Bed.


Twin: 41″”(W) X 77″”(L) X 51″”(H)
Full/Queen: 59″”(W) X 83″”(L) X 59″”(H)
Mattress sizes differ from Brands. If The Tent Is A Little Larger Than Your Mattress, Use The Adhesive Strap at Each Corner to SQUEEZE the Tent to Fit On Your Mattress.

Product Features

  • HAVE SOME PRIVACY. For Both Adults and Children, It is a Great solution when sharing a room with others. (Dorm, Siblings’ room, etc.) Give this tent to your children and they will go to bed on time, which means more relaxing time and privacy for you too!
  • KEEP YOU WARM. The Tent Blocks Drafty Wind in the Room while Circulating Fresh Air inside through a Mesh Vent on Top. Enjoy Warm and Cozy Sleep. (Do NOT use near Fire or Flame.)
  • PLACE FOR RELAX & FOCUS. This Canopy Makes a Great Nook for Reading, Studying, Meditating, etc. You Can Even Turn It into a Private Theater using a Tablet or Cellphone in the Touch-friendly TPU BAND. **If the TPU Pouch is Creased, Please Remove Wrinkles using a Clothes Steamer or a Hair Dryer at Low Heat Temp.
  • EASY ACCESS with 3 DOORS. Wide Opening Gate on Each Side of Bed. You Can Get In and Out Without Bothering the Other in Your Bed. One Extra Large Gate at Feet Side For You to Watch TV Fullscreen. All Gates Can Be Fully Zipped Up and Down From Inside and Outside.
  • SIZE TWIN for U.S. TWIN Mattress. SIZE FULL/QUEEN for U.S. FULL / QUEEN Mattress. Put the tent over a mattress and pull down each side and corner to fit the mattress. Use Adhesive Hook and Loop Band at Each Corner to Make the Tent Fit to Your Mattress.


Anonymous says:

Great tent for bed! We gave this bed tent to our daughter for her 4th birthday and it was a hit! She has a double bed (converted crib) and the full/queen fits perfect. The material is thin but it’s what I would call normal tent material and feels strong. The pink color is so pretty! There is little hook at the top that we hung a plastic battery operated lantern from.

Anonymous says:

No more sleeping on the floor in forts! I bought this for my daughter’s bed because she’s constantly making blanket forts on the floor and wanting to sleep in them. This is a great way to keep her in bed and still have a fort. It was just like putting up a regular small tent. The poles are really long so you need a decent sized (bigger than the bed) space for set up. It just sits on the bed but is slightly wider at the very bottom to go over the top and then has a small ‘skirt’ so you can’t see between the mattress and it (or you…

Anonymous says:

The bottom flaps that are supposed to keep it secure are not big enough to keep it in place I dislike giving this a 3 star rating but it’s not quite as sturdy as I thought it would be. The bottom flaps that are supposed to be tucked in under the mattress aren’t big enough to actually tuck in and keep it in place. I have to reposition it every morning after my child wakes up. It’s not hazardous and doesn’t fall down on her or anything, just slightly inconvenient to set it back up every morning. Maybe I shouldn’t have ordered one with out a bottom but I made the assumption that the…

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