Big Red Dinner-plate Hibiscus (15+ Seeds)

July 10, 2019 - Comment
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These Hibiscus seeds will grow to produce huge beautiful flower bearing plants. Essential for any garden, and are extremely simple. Each packet contains 15+ seeds, with instructions.

Product Features

  • Large Blooms.
  • Instructions Included In Each Packet.
  • Takes 3-4 Weeks To Sprout.
  • Germination rate: 76%
  • Daily Watering.


Anonymous says:

Very disappointed the seeds never grew into plants.Bad seeds Very disappointed the seeds never grew into plants.

Anonymous says:

Bad product The seeds won’t sprout no good

Anonymous says:

Couldn’t Be More Disappointed Just about every seed sprouted and grew into nice strong plants. The anticipation of seeing these beautiful “Big Red Dinner-plate” blossoms was completely turned into beyond disappointment when they bloomed this week. Very tiny pink and white blossoms. I also purchased another variety that was suppose to be a deep orange and yellow, they also were very small pink and white blossoms.I’m attaching a picture of my “Big Red Dinner-plate Hibiscus”Got taken on this…

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