Bivy Emergency Sleeping Bag Lightweight and Compact Survival Gear Better Thermal Protection Than a Mylar Space Emergency Blanket

September 11, 2019 - Comment
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Be Prepared to Survive

The Bear Bivy won’t add weight, and will help you stand up in the most dangerous survival situations over and over.

Best lightweight tool to prepare yourself in case you are stranded in the cold o r under bad elements.

Best offer on Amazon. Period. Emergency whistle, included online first aid class (sold for $20), solid stuff bag, limited lifetime warranty.

Product Features

  • ✅ BE PREPARED TO SURVIVE – Very compact, lightweight, reusable and durable survival sleeping bag to protect you from hypothermia, rain, snow and wind. Small enough to fit into your bug-out-bag, jacket pocket, hiking bag, hunting bags or in your car glovebox. Big enough to sleep inside.
  • ✅ THE RIGHT SIZE – Extremely lightweight and compact. The stuff bag fits in the palm of your hand. Weighs only 4.2 oz. Measures 7×3 feet opened. Also great sleeping bag liner for a 20°F boost. Fold it, roll it and stuff it back into the nylon sac in just 30 s.
  • ✅ SPECIAL PERKS – The pull grip is a 100db emergency whistle to notify rescuers up to one mile away, a nylon stuff bag, the usual Atomic Bear lifetime warranty and a nice compact packaging. Add to cart now.
  • ✅ DURABLE & REUSABLE- Made of 26 um thick tear-resistant polyethylene. The interior reflective material won’t fade. The heat sealed seams won’t let anything in and won’t break.
  • ✅ SURVIVE THE ELEMENTS – Cold: space blanket technology inside to reflect up to 90% of your thermal body heat to seal it in. Get inside the Bear Bivy to feel and instant warmth. Wind, rain and snow: completely waterproof, windproof. Heat: build a shelter with the reflective side facing the sun.


Anonymous says:

A backpackers best friend… This is extremely efficient and lightweight. In a situation where ounces of weight is critical, this is a ‘must-have’ item. Great for emergencies. Extremely small and lightweight…Easy to stow away in a vehicle, without taking up much space. It feels like good quality, strong enough to be used many times Great value for the money and great peace of mind for the outdoorsman in case of emergency.

Anonymous says:

Small and thin Incredibly small and thin. I pray I don’t have to use it anytime too soon.

Anonymous says:

Good if your expectations are right. Pros: compact, nice carrying bag, whistle, looks like it’ll work fineCons: don’t expect it to be more than it is. Not sure I’d pay full price for one.At the sale price it’s a very decent value. You get a single reflective sided space blanket bivvy. The weight isn’t significantly different than the same amount of material in a decent reusable ce blanket. The carrying bag is good quality light parachute style material and is big enough to store the bivvy after you’ve used…

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