BlueHills Premium Soft Travel Blanket Pillow Airplane Blanket Packed in Soft Bag Pillowcase with Hand Luggage Belt and Backpack Clip, Compact Pack Large Blanket for Any Travel (Royal Blue T003)

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Would you like a blanket for your airplane trips that is compact, soft , and large enough to cover from neck to feet ? If so, you should consider the ultra-soft premium BlueHills Portable blanket with clip and zipper case, which will allow you to have a soft, comfortable blanket which Is extremely portable and comes with a soft case with the hand luggage belt and backpack clip, allowing it to be used in a variety of situations, such as in an airport, airplane, car, bus, train, camping, or other setting. In addition, it is machine washable, and can be used as a throw blanket for a couch, as it is small enough to fit on a couch, but large enough to be comfortably used. Included in the Package: Soft Travel Blanket (60 inches X 43 inches) Soft Pillow case with Luggage Belt (11.5 inches X 10 inches) Backpack Clip.

Product Features

  • PREMIUM SOFT MICRO PLUSH MATERIAL: this super soft, warm travel blanket has a very high level of comfort and can be used while sleeping in a variety of different locations and will keep you warm in many situations – especially during airplane travel.
  • .SOFT CARRYING CASE WITH THE BLANKET AS A PILLOW – this blanket comes with a soft Micro plush, miniscule carrying case, allowing it to be taken to many different situations, such as in a car, plane, airport, while camping, and allows it to be stored easily at home. When blanket is stored in this case, this case can be used as a pillow. This easy Portable Pack measures 11.5 “X 10” with an attached hand luggage belt allowing you to easily transport it.
  • HAND LUGGAGE BELT MAKES IT PERFECT FOR AIRPLANE TRIPS: Hand Luggage Belt in the case makes it Perfect for Airplane Travel Transportation: this blanket case has an attached soft belt, allowing it to be easily attached to a work bag, a backpack, a suitcase, hand luggage, and many more bags/luggages.
  • BACKPACK CLIP INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE: With the backpack clip / carabiner, you can clip this blanket pillow to any backpack or to any other luggage.
  • CAN BE USED AS A THROW BLANKET: this blanket measure 60 “length X 43 “width, allowing it to easily fit on your couch as a throw blanket/while watching a movie, while also not taking up too much space to not be easily stored on the couch.Best Gift for any traveler.


Anonymous says:

I prefer microplush for lighter and softer This is a really nice throw blanket and can be used as pillow. It keeps me not too warm or not too cold. It feels just right and helps me comfortable to take a nap whether I am in the car or on the plane where the air conditioner flows toward at me.I think the size is good and enough to cover from my ankles to my shoulders. I’m 5’7″. It’s easy to fold. The bag is nice and soft as well which you can use it as a pillow.. I also like to keep it on my stomach while sleeping.Overall, I’m…

Anonymous says:

Good product. I bought recently and have only used it once. It was comfortable and warm. If you are a person that is over 5′ 7″ or so, you will find it difficult to cover your entire body. You know, of course, when trying to sleep it is important to cover yourself from shoulders to feet. This cover won’t do that. If that doesn’t bother you this is a terrific thing. The other small drawback is trying to repack the item. As with anything that is tightly packed in a site where a mechanism doing the packaging,…

Anonymous says:

Instant Blanket Bliss! I actually got this for an intended train trip (seems travelers need to provide their own blanket) which I haven’t yet taken, due to scheduling changes, but I’ve been using this at home with the cold weather now setting in and, like any of the plush throw blankets that seem in abundance these days, this works well, providing a light weight cover that takes off the chill. Size is perfect, but, what I appreciate most is, of course, the included carry case.What makes most “throw…

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