BoredParacord Brand Paracord Starter Kit – Big Neon Combo Kit

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Combo kits are a great way to get your foot in the Paracord World.  Each kit includes multiple colors and matching 1/2″ buckles.

This kit includes 25 feet of each of the following colors:

Birthday Cake
Cotton Candy
Mardi Gras
Napa Valley
Neon Green
Neon Orange
Neon Pink
Neon Turquoise
Neon Turquoise Camo
Neon Yellow
Razz Matazz
Rosa Noche
Search and Rescue
Tutti Fruity

**If a color for any reason is out of stock, it will be replaced with an equally amazing matching color.

Product Features

  • Each individual bundle contains 25 Feet and comes with a matching 1/2″ buckle
  • Each Individual Bundle is Type III – 550 Paracord
  • Colors are picked with a keen eye to ensure all colors compliment one another
  • Made in the USA
  • Bored Paracord is a proud Veteran Owned, Registered Small Business


Anonymous says:

The buckles are garbage The set of colors and value for the paracord is great. The quality of the paracord is great. The buckles are absolute garbage. Somehow they get stuck in the closed position, and I actually had to cut the bracelet I made for my mother in law off her wrist because the buckle failed. I was mortified. Good thing I found this out before selling the bracelets on Etsy. I’ll buy the sets again but the buckles go straight in the trash.

Anonymous says:

Great price, quality, quantity and variety! I just got my boxed Bored Paracord Big Neon and Scouting kits. They’re well packed and each color is organized into a neatly tied bundle. The variety of colors and the quality of the paracord is awesome. This is the best deal available I found for the quantity and variety of paracord. I’m currently under mandatory bed rest and these will be great to alleviate my boredom with all the projects I can start now.

Anonymous says:

My new go-to place for paracord! Love it! Love this paracord! It’s colorful, exactly as advertised. The solids compliment the patterns, and the buckles match well too. Arrived very quickly. Cord is long enough for multiple bracelets. Bundles provide great variety of colors at affordable price. Now the hard part is selecting patterns as YouTube has endless instructions (some are awkward without a jig and the guy talks too much, but still informative). In the pictures, my box of cord is messy because I’m hunting around for colors. But…

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