BPA-Free White Plastic Disposable Sporks 125 PCS, Healthy, Durable, Environmental, 2-in-1 for School Meals, Picnic, Party, Restaurant, Adults and Kids

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The information of sporks:
Number: 125 PCS
Size: 5.4 inch long, 1.1 inch wide

The advantage of the NEOACT Sporks:
2、 Durable
3、 Environmental

Why choose our NEOACT Sporks?
1、The NEOACT Sporks have the highest quality and the lowest price.
2、The NEOACT has a strong after-sales team, They have a good sense of service and can help you solve all the problems after you purchase.

Product Features

  • 【HIGH QUALITY】:The NEOACT sporks are white, odorless, made from BPA-Free polypropylene materials, healthy, safety. You can relievedly to use them.
  • 【CONVENIENT AND EFFICENT】: 125 PCS sporks can meet almost all your needs. They are strong and durable, can be used for a long time. When you feel tired after using it, needn’t clean it, recycle it directly, which is very environmentally and reduces your pressure.
  • 【WIDE APPLICATION】:The NEOACT sporks can be used for dessert, fruit, salad, dinner,etc at school, picnic, party, restaurant. It is suitable for adults and kids.
  • 【ENOUGH SIZE】:The sporks are light and handy. It is 5.4 inch. You can conveniently to carry and use it.
  • 【NICE AFTER-SALE SERVICE】:If you encounter any problems after you purchase this product, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will have a professional after-sales service team to serve you until you are satisfied.


Anonymous says:

Good product Sporks are the best things ever. My husband and I are full time students, and it is nice to be able to throw one of these into our lunch boxes with our lunches. I like that the plastic isn’t super hard, so the prongs don’t break off as easy as with some other plastic ware I’ve had. They are also small enough to fit into a sandwich size Tupperware if you want to store it with the food. I thought it was well worth the price at 8 cents a spork.

Anonymous says:

Saves time from dish washing I like that these sporks save me from washing dishes. I usually buy disposable forks and spoons but then it dawned on me if i buy sporks I’m only needing to buy one kind instead of two. I like the fact that it is versatile for what im eating. I can use the spork to eat spinach at the the same time eating my favorite home made tomato soup and then toss away when I’m done. The sporks are durable, not too flimsy, but they are not strong enough for, say a steak. I love the fact there is 125…

blank Anonymous says:

Pretty flimsy…. Length:: 0:07 Mins *** UPDATE**** I tried to get some peanut butter out the bottom of a jar with these and it was a total fail. The peanut butter was hard from having to be in the fridge, but still, I’ve used plastic wear to get it out before. These are very flimsy and quite honestly, I regret buying them. I would say they could maybe work for little kid portions or snacks, but I wouldn’t trust them with eating dinner or anything heavy. They seem like a pain in the…

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