Bright Rechargeable Searchlight handheld LED Flashlight Tactical Flashlight with Handle CREE L2 Spotlight 6000 Lumens Ultra-long Standby Electric Torch with USB OUTPUT as a Power Bank (golden)

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Name : Rechargeable flashlight

Item No : AL-953

Materials : ABS

Brightness : 2 dimming mode

Bulb type: CREE L2 LED

Emitting Color: White

Input Voltage : 110V/220V

Product Weight : 0.618g (21.8oz)

Battery Type : lithium battery

Charging Time : about 8 hours

Lighting time:  16 hours

Color : Golden

Power Source:9000mA battery


-Super bright LED Portable light(9000mA battery  inside).

-USB Port design, it can charge your mobile phone,camera, digital product etc.

-High quality LED can be used for more than 100,000 hours, which eliminates the trouble of replacing the lamp.

-Suitable for home maintenance and outdoor activities,like camping, fishing,hiking, night fishing, sailing, caving and hunting etc.

Package Including:

1 x Portable light

1 x 110V-240V Charger

1 x shoulder straps


-Please make it fully charged before the first use for the possible charge-depleting in transit.

-Do not immerse it in the water for prevention of short circuit.

Product Features

  • A HIGH-POWERFUL LIGHT WHERE YOU NEED IT MOST. Ultra-bright 35 Watt CREE XHP-70.2 LED light with 2 brightness modes: High (6,000 lumens), Low (2500 lumens). At 6,000 lumens, it’s significantly brighter than many higher-priced spotlights and flashlights. Ultra-long illumination range up to 800 meters Makes it a long distance spotlight flashlight.Besides,it’s a powerful camping floodlight and warning light.
  • A RECHARGEABLE SPOTLIGHT WITH SERIOUS LASTING POWER – OVER 20 HOURS(HIGH BRIGHTNESS).NO need to endlessly pay for batteries. This Updated spotlight is made with a long-lasting, rechargeable 4.3 volt 18650 Lithium-Ion battery with large capacity (9600 mAh),lasting 50% longer than any other last generation spotlights.
  • IMPACT RESISTANT & WATERPROOF. Made from tough, impact resistant ABS and Rubber waterproof plug to protect the system from scratch,drops,bumps and splash. Should you meet rains while hiking, camping, sailing or hunting, no worries – it’s IPX 6 waterproof!
  • SO LIGHTWEIGHT& COMPACT with ADJUSTABLE STRAP AND YOU CAN TAKE IT ANYWHERE. This Handheld Flashlight weighs less than 1 pound( 15oz) and measures just 9in long and 5in wide, together with our shoulder strap, so it’s easy to carry and hold while walking or hiking outdoors. Besides, It might be a emergency power bank to your phones in your hand when without outlet, and you won’t get tired of holding it.
  • NO-WORRY GUARANTEE:There is an ongoing soldering issue that prevents a small percentage of spotlights from working properly. We have managed to reduce the rate of these faulty units considerably, but not yet completely. We feel very bad about it and are actively working on solutions. If you receive a defective product, contact us and we will immediately send you a replacement unit for free. NO RETURN REQUIRED.Contact us at [email protected]


Anonymous says:

Solid quality, compact, versatile, and portable searchlight I’m very pleased with this searchlight. The quality of the light is pretty solid. The performance of this flashlight is absolutely amazing – it’s even brighter than most car headlights! You can actually see the light beam, exactly like what is shown in the ad picture. I am very comfortable with its weight: The light is compact, versatile, and portable. It recharges in a reasonable period of time and lasts for such a long time. I would certainly recommend this searchlight to my friends without…

Anonymous says:

GET THIS!!! IT’S AWESOME AND CAN SHOOT DOWN RUSSIAN MISSILES IF NEEDED. So, this light is AWESOME. I got it because I needed some light in rural Pennsylvania, and this seemed to fit the bill. When I fired it up, holy cow! This thing isn’t just a flashlight. It’s a gawdang LASER. (I’m reasonably certain it’s surplus from the old Strategic Defense Initiative satellites that used to blast Russian Missiles.) It’s got two settings; TURBO BLAST powerful, and simply powerful. Each setting has a different distance, but both are really clear, focused beams. It’s also got a…

Anonymous says:

It looks like you are firing up the Bat Signal when you … I have a 1000 lumen flashlight and was wondering how this would compare. It blows it out of the water. This thing is bright. It looks like you are firing up the Bat Signal when you shine it up in the air. It has a very concentrated light point. It also was much smaller than the pictures had me believe. It came charged out of the box and I was using it to spotlight wild life near my stock tank last night. Very good light and good price.

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