Brunton Nexus 7DNL Compass (Colors may vary)

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The Nexus Standard Compass by Brunton Company is the minimalists tool for pointing to true north. It is ideal for the beginner or as a backup compass.Small and clear, Brunton’s 7DNL is a great baseplate map compass for any adventure. It includes a declination scale and inch and millimeter scales on the baseplate. This compass comes with an lanyard for exterior backpack attachment.

Feature Details
3 inches x 1.94 inches x 0.44 inches 0.91 ounces 2° C graduations Declination scale Inch and millimeter scales Lanyard

Product Features

  • 2-degree graduations
  • Features adjustable declination
  • Has inch and mm scales
  • Lanyard for exterior backpack attachment


Anonymous says:

Finding Directions Compass on Travels 7/7/2012. Excellent compass. Needed it in my car when visiting strange places, esp[ecially at night, also during rush hour traffic. Yhis just fits the bill. Easy to carry and use. Excellent service from its distributer. It came to me in just several days. I highly recommend this compass.Brunton Nexus 7DNL Compass (Colors may vary)

Anonymous says:

Great addition to mapping My husband used this for his mapping and training for SAR.

blank Anonymous says:

Brunton 7DNL Compass While it’s not a super deluxe, high dollar, liquid dampened compass…… it does what a basic compass should do. No complaints with this purchase.I intend to keep it in my pack for emergency purposes and general navigation.UPDATE: 02/10/19 As my needs have changed, I have upgraded to a mirrored sighting type compass. I still keep my 7DNL in my pack as a back-up or loaner and it still is functioning just fine.

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