BUILT NY Insulated Neopreane Beer Growler Tote, Black

December 19, 2019 - Comment
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Where ever this Insulated Growler Tote goes, the good times follow! Perfect for comfortably carrying your favorite craft brew. Made from insulating and protective neoprene and features plush padded handles. Folds flat for easy storage. Machine washable. Tote measures 13-3/4 inch high x 7-1/2 inch wide and will insulate a 64 ounce growler.

Product Features

  • This stretchy neoprene (wetsuit material) tote holds, protects and keeps (1) 64 ounce growler cool
  • This tote is perfect for bringing your favorite craft beer home from the distributor
  • Use this tote to share your delisious home brew with friends at social gatherings, picnics, tailgating or the beach
  • The soft-grip handles make it easy and comfortable to carry
  • Tote stores flat when not in use and is machine washable


Anonymous says:

Protection and comfort for my beer growler! This insulated growler “koozie” looks awesome! I like that it completely covers my 64oz. brown glass beer growler including its small handle while I make my beer run at the local brew house. This thing adds insulation and cushions any rolling around it might go through while i transport my glass growler. I like the fact that this tote is very sleek and matches my BUILT NY wine/water bottle tote as well. The inside color of the tote is dark to royal blue. It easy rolls down for ease of…

Anonymous says:

Hold my beer Bought this as a gift for someone who goes to a lot of breweries and collects growlers. It’s well made and offers some nice protection as well as some insulation. What’s even cooler is it fits his big 64 oz Yeti rambler. Considered buying a few more for brewery hopping. Would be nice if there was a version with a strap.

blank Anonymous says:

Very well made – perfect for my growler We bought a 64-oz Kleen Kanteen stainless steel, non-insulated growler at Amazon this past week to keep kambucha nice and chilled in the fridge.However, when transporting that kambucha from the store back home when it’s 90+ degrees outside required that we get some kind of insulation. Plus, I didn’t want the growler scuffed and dinged from being crammed in a cooler with other stuff.I was VERY happy to come across this attractive BUILT NY neoprene tote! It’s the perfect…

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