Camel Sleeping Pad, Double Sleep Mat with Pillows, Self-Inflating Foam Padding, for Camping, Picnic, Outdoor, Lightweight

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Product Name: CAMEL Sleeping Pad, Double Sleep Mat with Pillows, Self-Inflating Foam Padding, for Camping, Outdoor, Lightweight
Color: Blue; Army Green; Light Green
Fabric Content: polyester fiber PVC, filled with high resilience sponge
Size: 77inch (L)* 51inch (W) * 1inch (H)
Features: inflatable cushion, moisture-proof pad with pillows
How can I pack it up?
×Open the nozzle cover of inflatable pillow
×Pinch the gas nozzle and press out the air from the pillow
×After complete deflation, lay it on flat surface
×Open the nozzle of automatic inflation
×Slowly roll it up and squeeze air out
×Use the elastic buckle to fix it
×Put it into packing bag, and then finish these processes!

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Product Features

  • 1.☒Less than 2 Minutes: The CAMEL X-tech, the large diameter can quickly inflate or deflate this padding as you unfold or pack it up. Saving your time is our job.
  • 2.☒Don’t need an extra pillow: Integrated pillows, avoid you the trouble of carrying extra pillows, wish you a comfortable sleep at night.
  • 3.☒Limited Space in your Trunk? The mat at FOLD package is 25inch(L)* 6inch(W)* 6inch(H); You can easily travel with it.
  • 4.☒Where can I use the sleeping pad? Office Break Time; Outdoor Camping; Family Gathering; Beach Sunburning; The CAMEL Double Sleeping air mat always be companies with you.
  • 5.☒The Skin-friendly fabric and special form; The Thickness can reach over 1inch after inflation. Giving you joyful experience when you add this sleeping pad to your cart!


Anonymous says:

Love it! And perfect size! My husband and I bought this and absolutely love it! We got a truck tent and it fits perfectly in the bed of our truck and you can’t feel the grooves in the truck with it so it’s a thick enough pad. It’s exactly what we wanted. Perfect and easy to take with you with how it fits in the bag once the air is out.

Anonymous says:

Great blanket for the price So far so good, love it. Bought it for going to the river, our blankets typically ended up damp from being in the grass. This is just the size we were looking for and it blocks the dampness from the grass.

Anonymous says:

Awesome to carry in your car at all times I’m happy i found this. I used to always have a blanket in my car for whatever needed, whether picnics or to protect stuff i load. The problem with the blanket is that it always ended up unfolding. With this I got rid of the blanket and now have a nice and neatly packed roll that is way better for picnics than my blanket. Happy with it.

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