Camp Solutions Lightweight Self-Inflating Air Sleeping Pad, Orange

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Camp Solutions Self-Inflating Lightweight Sleeping Pad!

Camp Solutions is a sub-brand of Seatop which is one of the leading companies of travel and camping products.

Seatop, your best camping partner!

This Air Sleeping Pad provides campers with comfort and warmth, without requiring them to spend hours inflating it each time they change camps. That¡¯s the beauty of Self-Inflating Camping Mattresses. All the work is done by itself. Exciting, isn¡¯t it?

It is suitable for hiking, climbing, camping, self-driving tour, fishing and other outdoor activities. Camp Solution’s Sleeping Mat is a great partner for sleeping bags and tents.

-1. Take the pad out of its carrying bag.
-2. Open the valve and place the pad flat and it will auto-inflate.
-3. Closing the valve to prevent the air from rushing back out once you lay on it.
-4. Inflate the pillow by your mouth or air pumps.
-5. Enjoy the comfort and warmth of our Sleeping Pad!

– 1. Open the valve. Roll the mattress up quickly. You can kneel on the pad as you are rolling it.
– 2. Close the valve. Unroll the sleeping pad to its full length again.
– 3. Roll the pad up another time. Keep the valve closed.
– 4. Open the air valve again. Continue to roll up the sleeping mattress.
– 5. Screw tighten the valve and then hitch the pad with the black elastic band (included).
– 6. Then you can fit it right in your stuffed sack.

– Fabric: 190T Polyester Taffeta
– Unfolded size: L72.8” x H 0.98” x W23.6”
– Package size: 13.39 ± x 6.30 ± x 6.30 ±
– Total weight: Approximately 2.25 LBS

Package Included:
-1 x Sleeping Pad
-1 x Repair kit
-1 x Carrying Bag

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Product Features

  • Our camping Mattress is self-inflating. When the valve is opened, air enters the mattress automatically without requiring campers to spend hours inflating it. No pump is needed.
  • A repair patch is sewn into the carrying bag. in case you accidentally puncture your air-filled sleeping pad; Unfolded size: L72.8” x H 0.98” x W23.6”;Total weight: 2.25 lbs.
  • It does have grommets on the side so you can potentially use rope or carabiners to attached one to the other.
  • Features DURABLE 190T Polyester Taffeta Fabric / Enjoy the comfort and warmth of our Sleeping Pad!
  • Self Inflating Sleeping Mattress that is Comfortable, Durable , Abrasion resistant and Lightweight. Our Sleeping mats are small enough to fit inside a backpack with the Package size only 13.39″x6.30″x6.30″.


jjones says:

decent sleeping pad. PROS: 

Amanda says:

It is extremely easy to inflate This is a very convenient and compact little mat. It is very compact and very easley would fit into a backpack or other bag for camping or hiking. It is extremely easy to inflate. You simply unroll and open the valve and it automatically inflates. It provides just the right amount of padding. It would be very comfortable to put under a sleeping bag. Both of my children immediately climbed on it and wanted to sleep once we blew it up. I know that it is primarily use for camping or hiking, but…

MrsLoveyou3 says:

Perfect for travel or camping. I purchased this sleeping pad for camping and it is so much better than I expected. I love that you can take this easily with you anywhere you go. You self inflate the sleeping pad and built in pillow with air and you can take this anywhere. The air port has a screw top which keeps the air from leaking which I love. This mat is large enough for adults and children. I am not only planning on using this when we go camping but I have also found its great as a work out mat as well or can be used as…

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