Camping Cookware Set – Compact Stainless Steel Campfire Cooking Pots and Pans | Combo Kit with Travel Tote Bag | Rugged Outdoor 4 Pc Cook Set for Hiking | Barbecues | Beach | Hiking Gear

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Uniquely designed for outdoor use, Wealer’s stainless steel cookware offers an incredible array of features that make camping, hiking and backpacking so much easier! Make the most of space saving pots that are lightweight, portable, easy to use and easy to clean. These pots are designed to take the hassle out of outdoor cooking, so you can enjoy the great outdoors with all the passion it deserves!

Product Features

  • PORTABILITY: Lightweight engineering for those long treks through the mountains, a field trip with the kids or a day at the beach. Tote bag is equipped with comfort handles for smooth transportation of your cooking accessories.
  • OUTDOOR CHAMPION: Beach parties, mountain trekking or barbequing or overnighting in your buddy’s back yard, the combo kit is perfect for cooking your favorite dishes away from home.
  • SPACE SAVER: Pots stack vertically in the travel bag for easy transportation or packing with other camping gear. Fitting an entire 3 piece cookware set into a tight knitted spot has never been so easy. Saves on valuable storage space when you need it the most!
  • COMPACT-ABILITY: The smaller pots conveniently cascade into the largest pot and pack neatly into the travel tote bag. Pot handles are perforated for hanging and suspending pots over open fires.
  • PRACTICAL:Get all the perks of expensive overpriced cooking sets with this all in one, rugged camping kit. Cleans easily and compliments your existing cookware utensils and décor. It makes a great gift set for loved ones who live for the great outdoors.


Anonymous says:

Perfect Camping Pots! Wonderful set of pans, perfect for camping! We bought these as a replacement for our current camping pot. They’re steel, so should withstand high campfire temperatures well. As a bonus, the looped handle will be great for using a tripod. All of the pots fit snugly inside each other, like a nesting doll. The carrying case for the set is quite wonderful as well; well made, sturdy zipper, 2 secure handles, and quality materials for the case.I’m giving it a 4 star review, because as…

Anonymous says:

Its a winner! I was worried these pots might be faulty or dissapoint me in some way because of the things other disasisfied reviewers wrote. Thankfully, that was not the case. This Wealer camping cookset is totally wonderfull and there was not a single flaw to be found. All my lids fit, and the handles work well with them. Im glad i took a chance and bought these.Additionally i didn’t think the bucket handles would function well for hanging on a tripod because they are so round but this too…

Anonymous says:

Scratched! Bummer. I ordered these pots in September for a camping trip in November. When I washed them for the camping trip one pot and one lid had long scratches in the shiny surface exposing rough metal underneath. Unfortunately I waited too long and cannot return it. No matter, they’ll get beaten up over time/use, however, I don’t know if the deep scratches will turn rusty. The four lids are designed with low profile handles so one will need a utensil to lift, probably a good idea since it will be hot during…

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