Camping Pro – Keystone: Lightweight Self Inflating Sleeping Pad for Camping Outdoor

July 9, 2019 - Comment
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The Camping Pro introduces the Daycastra self inflating camping pad. A lightweight compact pad that fits easily into rucksacks and luggage for camping trips. The easy to use valve allows quick inflation and deflation. Top up the air for maximum comfort. Stuff sack and repair kit included. When packing away, undo the valve and allow some of the air out. Place the pad on a flat surface and fold in half from top to bottom. Roll the pad tightly from the opposite end of the open valve to release the air. Place the included elastic band around the rolled up mat and place in the stuff sack. Always ensure that any big stones, sticks or anything that could cause damage are removed from the surface where the pad will be used for comfort and to help prevent damage.

Product Features

  • THE DAYCASTRA INFLATED IS 71″ LONG AND 23.5″ WIDE camping mattress at 42 ounces. Stuff sack size: 12 x 7 inches.
  • THICKER AND MORE COMFORTABLE than the average self inflating mat.
  • FOAM FILLING provides comfort and warmth. If using outside, ensure objects such as sticks and stones are removed from the area where the pad will be used to enhance comfort.
  • EASY FLOW VALVE allows quick inflation and deflation. Simply open the valve to allow air flow and top up with a few breaths to increase inflation.
  • USEFUL OCCASIONAL MATTRESS that can be used at home for unexpected guests and sleepovers.


Anonymous says:

Not bad for the money Exceeded expectations when first received. Construction looked good and very comfortable while I was testing it out in the living room. However, my first night out it deflated about an hour in and I woke up feeling every bit of the ground. It was easy enough to move off and let it re-inflate, but continued through out the night. What ever the material is that keeps the air in, isn’t airtight enough.

Anonymous says:

No complaints Finally got to test this out. It inflates pretty well on it’s own, but I like a bit m ore padding between my ribs and the ground. Super easy to add to the self-inflation. Even easier to deflate and roll-up. Unexpectedly made it smaller than when it first arrived. Who doesn’t like extra room in their pack?!

Anonymous says:

Compact equals compromise. I purchased this for my motorcycle trip in sept 2017.My first use of the item was at a campground in Sturgis, SD. The ground was rough, and this Pad did very little to aid in keeping me comfortable while sleeping. I woke up during the night multiple times because it wasnt comfortable.The pad claimed to self inflate when unrolled…… yeah very very little, and it wouldnt allow me to aid it blowing up faster.

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