CATAPULT PLAYR Soccer GPS Tracker – GPS Vest and App to Track and Improve Your Game – for iPhone and Android (M)

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The beautiful game just got smarter – PLAYR is the only system that measures your speed, distance and positional heat map; tailors professional coaching to your soccer; and transforms your preparation, performance and recovery. Designed for players wanting to train and play like a professional, PLAYR tracks every movement you make on the pitch and then gives you expertise from renowned Premier League coaches. From the perfect training exercise to post-match meal, PLAYR gives you the necessary advice off the pitch to transform your game on it. Compare your performance to friends, the community and professional players, while you can benchmark and track your data throughout a season. The PLAYR app is available on both iOS and Android.

Product Features

  • FIFA authorized wearable GPS tracker designed to analyze and improve your soccer performance.
  • Detailing your speed, sprint, distance, power, load & intensity data and positioning via heatmaps, our technology gives you a total understanding of your game.
  • Compare your numbers against friends, the competition and professional players to see how you match up.
  • Transform your preparation, performance and recovery with expertise on training and nutrition from Premier League coaches.
  • Set up a team and invite your team members to monitor your team’s performance via the app.


Anonymous says:

Half baked The device works great but the phone app need some work. First of all is nearly impossible to find the app either in the Apple’s App Store as in Google’s. I even scoured their website hoping there would be a link to the app, there, but I found nothing. That should be a no-brainer, IMHO.What made things even worse is the fact that the Android version isn’t compatible with my phone although the phone is not even a year old and runs the latest version of the OS.We ended up…

Anonymous says:

GPS tracking works great! Bought this for my son to track his training and game performance. It provides great data that he uses to improve on the field. The best part is information is really motivating him to change how he plays. One example is overall distance vs. sprint distance. He found he was covering a lot of ground each game but wasn’t making many explosive acceleration type movements. Now he tries to make quicker runs into space all due to being able to see the data after a game. The app is a piece of cake to…

blank Anonymous says:

I’m a PLAYR! I have been playing soccer for over 30 years and no “tracker” on the market really had the athlete in mind – until now. When Catapult announced their PLAYR device I was very excited because as an amateur, I really wanted to get more information on the intensity of my workout. With PLAYR, the wearer is the sole analyst, and game metrics take on even greater importance. Right out of the box, the device is incredibly easy to set up – download the app, sync and set up your calendar of training…

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