Coleman 2 Gallon Party Stacker Beverage Cooler

June 14, 2017 - Comment
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Keep quenched in fun, space-saving style with a Coleman 2 Gallon Party Stacker Jug. The unique stacking design offers vertical storage and use, while its two-gallon capacity is perfect for school parties and family functions. You can even use different colored jugs for different drinks so serving and filling is fast and fun. The removable spigot is easy to clean, and the large bail handle makes carrying easy.

Product Features

  • Stacking design offers fun, vertical storage and use
  • Two-gallon capacity, perfect for school parties and family functions
  • Removable spigot is easy to clean
  • Large bail handle makes carrying simple
  • Use different colored jugs for different beverages


celt-rock says:

Great Water Storage for Camping This is a great water storage unit for our camper. We originally got one of those collapsible plastic jug type things but it quickly developed splits on the corners. This is easy to carry, love the spigot and it’s easy to clean. I can also get it to pack inside of a milk crate as long as I remove the handle. Used it for two seasons now and love it. Holds enough water to use for a whole weekend without having to refill

Alicia J. says:

Great cooler! Perfect size! Excellent quality! Perfect size cooler for making your favorite camp bug juice or koolaid. Stackable feature is nice but I only needed one. Love the color choices and the Coleman quality. Will be part of my camping gear for years to come!

blank Lydia says:

Leaks from top We want something that won’t leak from the seams when the water sloshes around and we’re driving on rough terrain, however this leaks from where the lid screws on.

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