Cosy Zone 3 Liter Hydration Water Bladder Reservoir, FDA Approved, Leak-Proof, Quick Release (Blue)

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Want to drink water without stopping your activity?
Looking for a hygienic bladder that is easy to clean and dry?
Tired of low quality water bags that are leaky or leave an aftertaste, or hard to clean it well?

-High quality water bladder by Cosy Zone Store helps you to solve these questions

Why choose the hydration bladder from Cosy Zone?

Safe and Pure:
1. Hands-free access to a supply of clean, refreshing water from one of the most rugged, reliable hydration bladders on the market.
2. Our hydration bladder is made of food-grade, anti-bacterial materials free, durable, flexible TPU that protects your health
and stands up to wear, tear, external squeezing, extreme temperatures (-20 to 50 degrees Celsius), and up to 110 lbs. of water pressure.

Easy to Use:
Just use the wide mouth opening to fill your bladder with water, ice, even flavored powders and vitamin mixes. It’s both easy to access and simple to seal.
Drinking from this bladder is almost as easy as taking a sip from a straw. Just pull the bite valve open with your teeth, then push it down again to seal the valve shut.
So easy to clean. Whether you’re home from your last adventure or still out exploring, all you have to do to rinse out or scrub the inside of your bladder is open up the large opening and get started.

Money back guarantee:
Cosy Zone Store offers a 30 days money back guarantee.
Welcome to contact us by email if you have any question, we will provide the best service for you.

Add to cart now, it will go beyond your expectations!

Product Features

  • Eco-friendly material: Our sport water bladder are BPA free and FDA approved. It is made of non-toxic TPU material that is taste free without any odor and extremely resistant to mold and microbes.
  • Stay hydrated: 3 L(100 generous ounces) water reservoir of fluid capacity keeps you well hydrated throughout a day while you are camping, cycling or hiking. It fits well for your hydration backpack. YOUR BEST CHOICE TO STAY HYDRATED.
  • Quick release, leak proof: Our hydration bladder has quick release auto-lock system that prevents leaking. And 90-degree soft bite mouthpiece with easy turn shutoff valve provides fast water flow. You’ll be shocked and amazed, at how perfect it is, when you’ll try it! 
  • Easy to clean and dry: Our water bladder with wide opening that allows the tube to be easily disconnected from portable reservoir for filling, cleaning and storage. Hand can be directly inserted into the bladder to cleaning.
  • Satisfied guarantee and special offers: Cosy Zone Store offers a 30 days MONEY BACK guarantee. Save 15% on [New Arrival] Cooling Towel, for more details please refer to the following “Special Offers and Product Promotions”.


Amazon Customer says:

I used the bladder for a long hike in the White Mountains earlier this week is I was so glad I had it I bought this water bladder to use with a 5 year old backpack that had a pouch to accommodate it. I used the bladder for a long hike in the White Mountains earlier this week is I was so glad I had it. The quality of construction appears very high. It is very well designed. No leaks and no “plasticy” flavor. The wide opening is great for adding ice cubes. I consider it a complete success and would recommend it.

ShawnJ says:

good bladder good replacement as i lost my hose on the other one. this is 3 liters which is a lot. Dont like the op clip thing so i dont overfill the bag as i do not know if this will overflow. the hose locks n which is good and has a on off function. Overall good if you need a replacement bladder. I am using this to put alcohol for a music festival ill see how it works out.

Amanda K says:

Hydration! FINALLY arrived! Woohoo! I needed an extra one for my cousin when we run out Spartan races. You need the fuel during the race and she only had a small backpack which sucked because she took bottles for water and so forth. This water pack makes it lighter which is nice. I will have to test out whether it will be beneficial if I freeze it slightly so it’ll be semi cold throughout the race so I am not drinking warm Gatorade and Red Bull. Trust me, after my last race it was useful but the warm…

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