Delamu Freezer Packs, 8 Pack Ice Pack for Lunch Box Reusable & Long-Lasting Ice Pack Easy Fill Ice Packs for Coolers Leakproof Ice Packs Lasts 8-10 Hours for Lunch Bags and Coolers, 7.1″ x 7.1″

January 13, 2020 - Comment
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Product Features

  • Improved Version for 2019: Delamu ice pack was made of 4 layer thick flexible foil & nylon. Nylon reinforced ice packs now stronger and durable to avoid spoilage. Non-toxic ingredients to ensure it is safe for families. Colder & Longest Lasting than old ones.
  • Colder Than Ice: 18 ℉ (- 8 ℃) ice packs to accelerate cooling and high performs to last 8-10 hours. Easy to carry with and enjoy your cold food anywhere.
  • Save Your Money: It comes with 8 pack 7.1″x 7.1″ cooler freezer packs with cheaper price. And the middle size fits all typical lunch boxes and school boxes.
  • No Dirty Water in Your Cooler: 8 reusable packs replaces 50 pounds of ices to cooling food but no concerns of dirty water in your cooler.
  • Easy To Use: Delamu Ice packs are shipped with fry formula, you just need to add 16oz water into the bag, and tighten the screw cup.


Anonymous says:

Use with pre chilled items Cool little 4 pack. Does the job for the duration! I suggest having the items pre chilled and using this pack to keep them cold. Tried it with room temperature at 115 and it did get it ice cold. Just slightly cold. Pro on the item the pack still had ice chunks after 8hrs. 2 solid packs and the other two packs sitting at the top slightly slushee with mildChunks. Can’t wait to try it more when I’m fishing for the day.

Anonymous says:

Perfect for baby bottles! Super easy to fill up. It said 16 oz, but that would have over filled the bag. Just use your own judgement. I stopped pouring when the water reached the lid.The daycare our infant goes to doesn’t have a fridge in the nursery. Parents are to send the bottles of milk in a lunch box. I knew normal ice packs for lunch boxes weren’t going to but it. My sons special formula is too expensive for me to risk there being any issues with temperature. We packed two ice packs with 3x 6 oz…

blank Anonymous says:

Amazing Icepacks! These icepacks are great! I normally use the “brick” style icepacks and they are very heavy and take up a lot of room. I tried these out today and am very impressed. I was on the road for hours and when I got to my destination the packs were still frozen and drinks still cold.I also suffer from bad migraines and use icepacks all the time. I put these in the freezer yesterday and unfortunately got a migraine. I was surprised how fast they froze and I figured I would try one of these…

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