Dignel Walkie Talkies, Kids Walkie Talkies, 2 Packs 22 Channels Outdoor Toys, 3 Miles Range Walkie Talkies for Kids Camping Outdoor Adventures

August 10, 2019 - Comment
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2-pack walkie talkies

Product Features

  • Sounds Clearly: Walkie talkies use high-fidelity loudspeaker that are low interference for long-distance transmission. Equipped with high auto squelch function can reduce noise to promote communication of parent and child.
  • Wide Reception Range: Kids walkie talkies have 22 channels with 2 way radio sub-channels, ensuring 3 miles wireless communication. Kids can play them with long distance and suitable for your child’s outdoor adventures.
  • Easy Operation: An uncomplicated push-to-talk button makes these walkie talkies easy to use for the children and let kids enjoy the adventure of the family or outdoor game, which are the best gifts for boys and girls.
  • Play at Night: Built-in LCD torch, providing high visibility, kids can use our walkie talkies at night. It can also be used as both flash and emergency light.
  • Friendly Design: Small size and lightweight, portable with ergonomic design. They fit comfortably in children’s hands. There is a clip at the back of the walkie talkies, kids can hang it on pockets and belt to carry easily.


Anonymous says:

Better than I expected When something is sold as being for kids, I don’t expect it to work well. To my surprise, these little walkie talkies work pretty well. These are listed as having a 3 mile range, but you will only get that in ideal conditions, with direct line of sight with no obstructions. I tried this with my son in my house and then going for a walk. I got about half a mile before we lost contact, but that’s in a neighborhood with many houses with concrete walls with steel rebar and many trees. I’m…

Anonymous says:

Cute, functional – perfect for small hands! I am so excited to have found these walkie talkies for my two kids! I received them quickly and in good packaging. The inside simply has the two walkies (wrapped in a plastic bag each) and instruction guide which was detailed but easy to follow. My two kiddos are young so I was happy to have a locking feature so they would not inadvertently adjust the settings. The LCD screen is clear and provides a lot of information. My oldest enjoyed the different ringtone options for customization. We were…

Anonymous says:

My daughter LOVES them I had to immediately try these out when they came in yesterday. My husband was so excited to get our daughter walkie talkies because he had so much fun with them as a kid. I babysit her best friend 3 days a week so this was perfect for the 2 of them yesterday. They played with them all day long while he was here. I was a little intimidated by them at first because they’re more advanced than the ones I used to use as a kid but it’s pretty simple to work them. They have a great range on them. We…

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