Driftsun 110-Quart Ice Chest, Heavy Duty, High Performance Roto-Molded Commercial Grade Insulated Cooler, Tan

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Seriously Tough. Seriously Cold.

The Driftsun 110 Quart Ice Chest is the biggest and baddest in our series. This big boy is designed with 3 inches of commercial grade insulation to retain ice for days on end. At 110 quarts, you have enough room to hold plenty of cold goodness for an extended white water rafting trip, off shore fishing excursions, or a large get together in the backyard.

ThermaLock Freezer Style Gasket eliminates unwanted air exchange, locking out heat while sealing in cold to keep your haul positively fresh. This cooler features nearly indestructible Rotomolded Thermoplastic construction. Cut the annual cooler replacement from your budget!

Boasting a phenomenal amount of interior room, superior insulation, non-sweat design, and construction sturdy enough to withstand a raging Yeti. Designed to fit most major white water raft frames, this cooler is ready for an on-board adventure without going for an unexpected dive. It’s great for multi-day trips where the tales are tall and ice is more than a luxury.

– Rotomolded Thermoplastic Construction
– Quick Clip Latches
– 3″ inches of Commercial Grade Insulation
– ThermaLock Freezer Style Gasket
– GorillaGrip Non-Slip Feet
– Molded Tie-Down Slots and Cable Locks
– ‘No-Sweat’ Exterior Design
– Pressure Release Valve
– Integrated Fish Ruler on Lid
– (2) Built-In Bottle Openers
– Attached Dual Cap EasyFlow Drain Plug
– UV-Resistant Exterior

Outside Dimensions: 37.5″(L) x 19.25″(W) x 19.5″(H)
Inside Dimensions: 31.5″(L) x 14.25″(W) x 15″(H)
Cooler Weight: 45 Lbs.
Ice Retention: 7-10 Days

Product Features

  • INSULATED: Three (3) inches of commercial grade insulation, Freezer Style gasket, and Ultra-Durable Rotomoled Construction keeps your Ice for Days on End!
  • FEATURES: Quick Clip Latches, Military-grade nylon rope handles, GorillaGrip Non-Slip Feet, Molded Tie-Down Slots with Lock Plates, Recessed No-Leak Drain Plug, Pressure Release Valve, Fish Ruler, and not 1 but 2 Built-In Bottle Openers! (For Cracking Cold Ones in Far Flung Places)
  • SERIOUSLY TOUGH: Virtually Indestructible, Rotomolded Cooler Construction, Freeze Seal, Heavy Duty Latches, and Exterior UV Protection will keep your cooler looking great for decades to come. Cut the Annual Cooler Replacement out of your budget!
  • SERIOUSLY COLD: At 110 Quarts this cooler boasts a phenomenal amount of interior room to keep items colder for longer! Perfect for multi-day adventures.
  • 1 YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY: We guarantee our Ice Chests to be free from defects in material, workmanship, and assembly, under normal use and in accordance with the specifications and warnings for a period of 1 year.


Anonymous says:

Outstanding ice retention! Bought this Driftsun 110 to use on a hunting trip driving from New York to New Mexico. Filled it with 10, ten pound bags of ice to chill the cooler and took my time crossing the country. Five days later I arrived in camp. I was going to replace or add ice but found I did not need to as there was a minimal loss of ice. I was successful on my first day and after butchering my elk I was able to ice down and pack 200 lbs of elk meat in the cooler and head home. Almost three days later I arrived…

Anonymous says:

Awesome cooler and customer support!! I bought the 110 and 75 quart cooler for offshore fishing. These coolers are incredible! Saved about $100 each compared to Yeti. Yeti is a great cooler but I would put up Driftsun cooler against Yeti all day long. I put block ice in the bottom of the cooler with my bait. Then cut a yoga mat to fit over the ice. After 3 days the temperature above the mat in the low 50’s. Below the mat 36 degrees. After 3 days !!! Yes the mat helps, but only with a high quality cooler!! I love these coolers so…

Anonymous says:

Excellent cooler! I was concerned about some of the initial reviews, but I tested myself and can’t complain. I put 7 (10 lbs) bags of ice into the cooler, with 9 cans of Coke on top. People say you are supposed to pre-chill the cooler, I didn’t. I literally pulled it out of the box and put ice and cans in. The images start at the Day 3 and go to Day 7. I always let the water out of each day until Day 6 I stopped. Cooler was in the garage right next to the garage door, weather over the course of time was 75…

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