Driver and Passenger Headlights Headlamps Replacement for Chevrolet 10420375 10420376

June 12, 2019 - Comment
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Driver and Passenger Headlights

– DOT Stamped

Chevrolet Lumina 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001
Chevrolet Monte Carlo 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999

Unless noted otherwise, these are new aftermarket parts. They are manufactured to align with Original Equipment (OE) specifications and act as a direct replacement for the factory part, not as an upgrade or improvement. They will fit and function as the original factory part did.

See Seller details for available warranty, return policy and more.

Product Features

  • Meets all OE specifications, with DOT stamp
  • Exact replacement for stock assembly
  • New, clear lenses ensure full illumination and maximum safety
  • Lens and housing included
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty


Anonymous says:

Good As New… If your headlights are looking dull, hazy, yellowing then look no further. I purchased these pair of after market headlights for mycar and it was an exact fit….. don’t waste your time on the toothpaste rub or any you tube video that shows you how to “fix your headlights” like new…I did it, and it simply does not work…or much less going to a auto body shop and shelling out the same amountof money, for this temporarily fix, because it will re-haze over, when you can get…

Anonymous says:

CAN”T SEE!! When I purchased these on June 22 2014, I gave seller good review…of course it took me about 3 weeks later to finally get installed on my daughters car. Today is 3 Feb 2016…So these headlights that should have lasted at least 4-5 years without any trouble are now clouding up so bad I’ll need to replace them once again in coming months…what junk!! In fact, within 6 mos of installation my daughter had informed me they were starting to cloud up. I kept thinking “no way, these are…

Anonymous says:

Not a GM replacement part and fit but for the price they work fine! Bought these to put on my brother-in-laws red 98 Monte Carlo Z34. His car is in super condition for it’s age and he keeps it sparking clean. The headlamp were in such bad shape though no polish or cleaner was going to help. After installing these his car looks brand new. No adjusting was necessary afterwards either which was a plus. The only problems we ran into was a slight fit problem around the inner tabs trying to get they to fit properly into the slot holes in the core support. There may…

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