EAAGD Touch LED Light, Dimmable 15 LED USB Charge Light Bar,( 2rd Generation, with 600mah Battery ), Outdoor Camping SOS Emergency Light Stick, Multi-functional Rechargeable Lamp

May 26, 2017 - Comment
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This product applies USB interface, built-in lithium battery, touch switch and 4-level working modes, with good stability, high brightness and long life. Very easy to install and use, with sos distress signal, greatly enhance the products value. This is an ideal lamp that do not harm to human body.
Wide application:outdoor camping, travel, tent, garage, car trunk, closet, cabinet, hallway, wardrobe, washbasin, writing desk, kitchen, bathroom, seek for help, night lighting, etc.

Material: ABS + high thermal conductivity aluminum + PC hose
Power Supply: lithium battery
Battery Capacity:600mAh
Charging voltage:DC 5V
Rated Power:2 W
Standby current:10μA
Input current:≥1A
Operating temperature:-20-60℃
Working hours:3-5 hours
How to turn off the light ?
1: Shifting the light modes in sequence to Turn Off
2: Touching the switch button long time for 5 seconds

Operating Instructions:
1,Turn On: Touch the switch to turn on the light. The light is in brightest mode now.
2,50% Brightness: In the brightest mode, touch switch, it will become dark, mode of 50% brightness.
3,30% Brightness: In the 50% brightness mode ,touch switch, then darken, become the mode of 30% brightness.
4,SOS Mode: In the 30% brightness mode ,touch switch, then become as SOS mode.
5,Turn Off: In the SOS mode, touch switch, the light stick will turn off.

Package List:
1*LED Light Bar
1*USB Cable
1*User Manual
1*Double Side Tape
1*Attaching Clamp

Product Features

  • 【Touch Switch & USB Charging】: You just need to touch the switch gently by your finger to turn on/off the light. The LED light bar applies USB interface. This is upgraded 2rd generation light stick, no more bother to connect power line everytime as 1st generation do.
  • 【600mAh Lithium Battery】: Built-in 600mAh Lithium Battery. It can light up to 3-5 hours after full charge, convenient as flashlight.
  • 【4-Level Adjustable Brightness】: You can choose the brightness as you want. You can turn to brightest mode when reading,looking for something or walking at night, darker mode when you need a mild atmosphere, and SOS mode when you seek help.
  • 【Multifunction】: Widely used for outdoor camping, tent, garage, car trunk, closet, cabinet, hallway, wardrobe, washbasin, writing desk,, kitchen, bathroom, etc.
  • 【EAAGD Service】: We offer customers excellent service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, and we will do our best to meet your satisfaction.


Crazylabrat says:

What a great little light, but smaller than pictured. What a great little light. When it arrived, I was disappointed because it’s smaller than I anticipated. That is my #1 problem with shopping on line, most times they give you dimensions, but they didn’t for this one, but I took the pictures in the description for the next best thing. In the pictures the light looks about 2 feet long when the hand is holding it, and when it’s hanging from the tent. Alas, it came, and it’s only about a foot long. Oh well, the story of my online shopping life,…

Ricardo says:

Very nice little lamp Very nice little lamp, not a lot of light but enought to read and walk around, but it wont hurt the eyes like a flashlight would, great for having it in the car, I used the first time for a trip to the lake, and is better than using the cellphone to find things around.I dont see much use for the strobes modes, maybe if you have a flat tire and are on the side of the road, but for that i recommend a red light, since a withe light can be confused with a incoming car or something else.

Marissa says:

Bright rechargeable light This works perfect for an under cabinet light! I don’t have an outlet nearby, and was having a hard time finding a rechargeable battery operated LED light that (1) is bright enough, (2) looks great, and (3), is not motion or light sensor since that doesn’t work in the kitchen. So far my complaints are minor. 

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