Eafengrow EF335 Tactical Folding Knives D2 Blade and G10 Handle,5 inch Closed EDC Pocket Folding Knife with Clip (Black)

July 23, 2019 - Comment
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About Product Description
Product Name:EF335 folding knife
Knife total length : 8.9 inch
Blade length : 3.5 inch
Handle length : 5 inch
Blade material: D2
Handle material : G10
Blade Width: 3.4cm
Blade thickness: 0.25cm
Weight: About 200g(With Packaging)

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Product Features

  • Tactical folding knife made of D2 blade and G10 handle .Knife full length:8.9 inch.
  • Blade length :3.5 inch ,handle length:5 inch.
  • Suitable for carrying EDC tools .Unique handle design is more suitable for palm use.
  • Folding knife with clip, for camping, fishing, hiking, and outdoor rescue tools.
  • Eafengrow professional outdoor camping knives ,our folding knives fully qualified, it is an excellent choice for outdoor fancier.


Anonymous says:

Looks and feels like a more expensive knife. I must say I am very pleased with the 2 Eafengrow knives I have bought.The action on this particular knife is fairly smooth and reliable. The blade came decently sharp and the grinds were not half bad. Lock up is solid, but not rock solid. However, the liner lock is a little bit difficult to disengage. Otherwise, this is a very aesthetically pleasing knife. I honestly prefer to carry this over my more expensive blades (of which I have had many in the past).I must mention…

Anonymous says:

Eafengrow Knocked it out of the park with this one!!

Customer Video Review Length:: 0:47 Mins Its insane a clone like this exists. It’s ahuge knife and built like a TANK, came razor sharp, no blade play side to side up or down, solid lock up and it came with the hardware tool. Grind lines on the blade are perfect and the Satin finish is damn near mirror. For 30ish $ this is a must have Microtech/Strider clone!

Anonymous says:

Good once you put in some work This microtech DOC clone has a couple major issues that are thankfully easy to fix.ISSUES:**LOCK UP:The lock bar is too thin to provide a lockup for a blade this size. The lock bar is about as thick as any other large folder, i.e. my m16-04s, but this knife is HUGE and what’s adequate for another knife is simply inadequate for this. I would have preferred a frame lock. To make up for the thinner lockbar, the spring tension has been set WAY too high. In a liner…

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