Eafengrow EF69 Pocket EDC Knife with Clip,Flipper Folding Knife for Camping Survival and Outdoor Activities Liner Lock. (EF69-desert)

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The folding knife blade is D2,after vacuum heat treatment,hardness 58-60 HRC,provides razor sharp for ultimate precision cutting performance with strong toughness and excellent edge retention.

G10 handle is favored for its high strength, low moisture absorption,Excellent corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance.

Ergonomic handle design, the tail of the handle is slightly curved,is comfortable and convenient in-hand.

On the back of the handle there is a single-position steel clip, which is quite stiff and allows you to carry the knife on your pocket in the tip down position.

A thick liner lock is reliable and very easy to handle. It copes quite well with the loads and keep your safety.

A reliable assistant in everyday use,perfect gift for the man or woman.


Brand Name : Eafengrow EF69 camping knife

Total length: 8.2 inch (open)

Handle length: 4.7 inch (closed)

Blade length: 3.5 inch

Blade Width:1.3 inch

Blade thickness: 0.12 inch

Handle material: G10

Blade material : D2 steel

Weight : 5.7 oz / 163 g

Hardness:58-60 HRC

Package included:

1x EF69 folding knife

1x Black box

Eafengrow knives maintenance:

1.Rinse with warm water.Can add some detergent, remove the oil, salt, dirt from the cutter thoroughly , such as in the cutting tool rotary parts especially special clean, then rinse.

2.Carefully wipe the cutter with a soft cloth. You can use a hairdryer to blow in cool wind and keep the cutter dry.

3.lubricating oil is injected into the axis of rotation. Use some lubricating oil in moderation, If you’re not careless dropping get somewhere else, be sure to wipe it clean.

Product Features

  • This folding knife is super sharp.The D2 blade is centered, beefy. Hardness 58-60 HRC.Open and close smoothly with a satisfying click.
  • Ergonomic handle for comfortable and stiff grip,excellent electrical insulating properties and chemical resistance.
  • Everyday carry knife with a clip has a simple and reliable liner lock which resistant to dirt and prevents unexpected closure.
  • The ball bearing makes this knife open very smoothly. Works so well,it’s simpler and safer than the spring assist knives.
  • Outdoor tactical knife is for camping & hiking, hunting & fishing, DIY activities, survival, self defense, emergencies etc.You will need it.


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