Emergency Industrial Grade Light Sticks Used for Safety, By Professionals Providing a High Intensity Luminous Glow – Similar to Military Grade Glowsticks – Order Your 12 – 24 Hours , 6″ Long, Pack of 10 Today!

June 6, 2017 - Comment
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Stay Safe with Emergency Industrial Grade 6″ Light Sticks providing an Intense Luminous Happy Glow, Military Grade Light Sticks, Your Companion in the dark, Used as Safety Light Sticks!

Why are you looking for a light stick?

For Hiking, Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Emergency Services, Military, doesn’t matter! The compulsory feature is that it should glow BRIGHTER for a LONGER TIME.

Doesn’t sound enough! There are numerous features to call these “INCREDIBLE”:

• Brightest & Longer Glow: These are one of the brightest light sticks available in the market plus it glows for a longer time up to 12 hrs., which is far more than you will ever need. That is why most of the emergency services, professionals, hikers, rescue, militaries, etc. rely on our light sticks.

• Multipurpose: You can use them however you want to. It can be hiking, camping, emergency kit, a party, your Halloween costume, and many more. The only common thing is its the best choice. They even come with a lanyard that lets you decorate however you prefer.

• Durable & Reliable: The protective seal makes it robust and fundamentally unbreakable, which makes it more reliable for emergencies.

• Safer & Nontoxic: The sticks are Nontoxic, Non-flammable; Non-radioactive; Waterproof, Windproof, and hence safe to use. Of course! These are far better than candles, unaffected from blowing air, water, etc.

• No Questions asked Money back guarantee: Let the risk remain ours. If you feel the product isn’t up to the notch, we’ll return your money.

So, it’s radiant, brightest, durable, safer, reliable, multipurpose, more than you ever expected. Don’t waste time anymore; click Add to Cart button now.

Product Features

  • Premium Chem 6 Inch Light Sticks – Emergency Light Sticks  – Extremely Bright!
  • How long do glowsticks last? The 12 hour safety glow light sticks have lasted up to 24 hours.
  • Can they be use for a glow party? Yes, in combination with other lower chemical light sticks.
  • How do they compare to military grade glow sticks or industrial grade light sticks? Superbly!
  • Are your glow sticks toxic? No. Our chem light sticks are often used as fishing light sticks.


Eftien says:

Very bright These are very bright and were still emitting a glow in the morning.

Robert Darigan says:

Awesome buy! I tested two of these and man am I very happy. The lite lasts (at a level to see a decent area by) 17 hours and dim totally about 32 hours later.

blank Jim F. says:

These are great! These are great! I bought a set for my house, and another set for my car, in case of emergency, maybe as a replacement for flares. 

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