Esbit Ultra Lightweight Titanium Cutlery Set (3 Piece)

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Esbit ultra lightweight titanium cutlery set consists of a fork, knife, and spoon that are extremely durable and lightweight, making them great for camping, boating, travel, backpacking, or use at home. Titanium is one of the toughest, most durable alloys on the planet and is widely used in aircraft construction because of its lightness and extreme strength. The polished titanium surface of these non-corrosive and non-magnetic Esbit titanium utensils offers a high compatibility that is non-toxic and does not produce a metallic taste. The titanium knife features a serrated edge for easy cutting, and the spoon’s deep bowl is just right for eating soups. Each utensil is full-sized, and the set includes a silicone sleeve to keep the utensils housed together when not in use. Set dimensions-packed: 1.6″ x 7.1″ (4.0 cm x 18.1 cm); weight: 1.5 oz. (42 g). two year warranty.

Product Features

  • Ultra-lightweight fork, spoon, and knife made from durable, lightweight, heat resistant and highly biocompatible titanium
  • Non-corrosive and non-magnetic; includes silicone sleeve for keeping utensils together when not in use
  • Polished titanium surfaces produces no metallic taste; deep spoon works great with soups, knife features serrated edge
  • Hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and dishwasher safe
  • Set dimensions-packed: 1.6″ x 7.1″ (4.0 cm x 18.1 cm); weight: 1.5 oz. (42 g)


OTTO-1918 says:

Five Stars Use them everyday for lunch

Eric Jochens says:

Five Stars They are extremely sturdy for the thickness and weight. These are the only titanium silverware I recommend you buy.

Tin Le says:

Easy to clean Easy to clean, no odors, easy to hold and easy to eat with. Brilliant design and durable as well as sturdy. However, it is scratch-able, which means it could be scratched all over, I am not so sure if the coating is not high quality or because it is not real titanium.A little bit overpriced I feel like, but feelings and opinions don’t really matter here

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