Everyday Survivor Black Paracord Set (1100 lb. Breaking Pt.)

November 1, 2019 - Comment
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Our black Paracord set (2 pc.) has a multi-purpose and versatile use. Paracord comes in handy for animal restraints and leads, around the house, binding, Cordage, hanging and pulling items, repairing equipment, sewing fabric, starting a fire, Suspending food out of reach from wild animals, and vehicle tie-downs. Use This set of 2 paracords in many ways, such as anchor lines, fishing line, hiking and hunting rope, lanyards, ridge-lines for tarps and temporary shelters, shoelaces, snares, and twine. These paracords are a must-have for outdoor lovers! Caution: do not use in situations where personal safety could be endangered. Never use this product to secure large Flat surfaces or objects which could “Airplane.” misuse can result in serious injury or death. Do not use if damaged. Do not use carabiner for climbing. Keep away from children. This is not a toy.

Product Features

  • These highly durable paracords have a 360 lb. Working load and a 1100 lb. Breaking point.
  • Each paracord has a 14 strand cord and 13/64″ cord thickness.
  • Use this item to create a survival bracelet, make shelter, secure equipment together or onto backpacks or vehicles, etc.
  • The length of each paracord is 50 feet.
  • This item is great for camping, emergencies, hiking, and outdoor activities.


Anonymous says:

Black Paracord Has Lots of Uses Paracord is the handiest cord to have around and can be used for a lot of purposes. It can be woven to make a bracelet to easily carry it (and the bracelet can then be wound if needed for binding or other uses), used for tying items together such as to make a shelter or secure items, and simply used anytime a strong cord is needed. Paracord is very strong for its thickness. This paracord comes in a simple easily recyclable box which states that this paracord has 100 pound pull strength, 360…

Anonymous says:

A must have item for the coming Zombie Apocalypse Paracord has taken the place of most of my ropes. It’s lighter, takes up less space and is just as strong as many light and medium ropes. Because of it’s small size, it can be carried in your pocket, or as a bracelet, a belt, and used for so many purposes, from tying down loads, to boot laces, to tying up plants, making webbing, lashing tent poles together, hanging tarps, and stringing tin cans together to form an early warning system to alert the presence of intruders. (or zombies) . I carry…

blank Anonymous says:

Super strength This is something that I think every household should have on hand at all times. There is always a need at one time, or another, to secure something, or you need a line to hang something. I never had Paracord before. I always had some kind of line made from plastic, cloth or rope. This Paracord is stronger than any line I have ever had. This line is compact, light, strong and is has a little elasticity to it, but only for a short bit of give, then it locks up, and holds like steel. It ties…

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