Eye Technician Study Notes: Things to know for the COA, COT, and COMT tests

January 7, 2020 - Comment
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A compilation of tidbits and factoids to assist in preparation for JCAHPO testing at COA, COT, and COMT levels. I’ve had at least a dozen people in the last couple months ask for copies of my self-compiled notes I used for studying for (and passing!) the JCAHPO COA, COT, and COMT tests. Typically when someone asks, I gladly and dutifully run out to Kinko’s, copy and print the files, and sometimes have them spiral bound for ease of use as well, and then am reimbursed for the cost. I’ve finally decided to streamline the process and get out of the middle of it, AND produce a nicer looking product (and save gas money and time in front of the printer, lol!) The factoids are compiled from a multitude of resources through the years and started geared towards the COA. It was then added to and grown as I studied for the COT and COMT exams. I’ve found that different resources sometimes contradict one another, so occasionally you’ll find some contradictions in the notes as well.


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Very good study guide its very informative and I’m learning a lot. It certainly cover much material and I’m looking forward to its study.

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Four Stars informative!

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Five Stars great for review

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