EZ FIRE FIRESTARTER Gel Packets (25 Pack) Great for Campfires, Backyard Barbecues & Any Indoor or Outdoor Fireplace!

November 30, 2019 - Comment
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Now lighting a fire is as easy as striking a single match with EZ Fire Firestarter, the top-lighting firestarter. It works like this: Simply stack split logs, place a single unopened packet of EZ Fire ON TOP, light a couple of corners and sit back. It’s that easy! Using the packet as a wick, EZ Fire slowly melts and cascades down carrying the flames to lower logs or charcoal and giving you a reliable start every time. EZ Fire won’t flash or flare and can’t explode. It is safe to store virtually anywhere, is waterproof, and has an indefinite shelf life. EZ Fire is environmentally friendly, as it consists of all naturally occurring, sustainable ingredients.

Product Features

  • Safe to store and can be used to light any fire, inside and outdoors.
  • Waterproof
  • Indefinite shelf life
  • Naturally occurring, sustainable ingredients
  • Eliminates the need for paper or kindling


Anonymous says:

Best fire starter ever My wife and I ran into this product at a KOA in West Yellowstone Montana. We were floored at the ability to start a camp fire so easily with it. We have told the owners of a number of other KOAs that they should carry it for the campers to use. Now we are home we still use EZ fire start in our fire pit. Believe me, no other product compares to this for a quick start to your camp fire.

Anonymous says:

Liquid Fire I have used these packs before, They are perfect for lighting hardwoods, and other woods just light-up with flames.They are perfect for quick fires, but they can be a fire hazard as well. When the packs melt, the contents catch fire and runs down the wood like oil setting the wood on fire. Only light them on top of wood.

Anonymous says:

Lots of hot flame!!!! Burned one packet in a coffee can. Burned super hot with large yellow flames, lots of black smoke and can covered in thick black soot. Burned like a gasoline or oil fire for 16 minutes before running out of fuel. Spent next 1 1/2 minutes with diminishing flame, still hot enough to light dam kindling. Last extra 30 seconds had a flame the size of a match before going out. Very strong petroleum chemical odor, very unpleasant; would not want to boil water with this unless covered with lid…

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