Far North Exchange Teal Aluminum Trekking Poles

November 19, 2019 - Comment
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At Far North Exchange, we have striven to achieve the highest quality in our trekking poles which are both durable and light.

By building our poles with aerospace-grade aluminum, we found that we were able to prevent splintering after impact, an issue which occurs with most carbon fiber poles. Since bearing down hard to brace for a fall is very common, it was important to choose the right material to withstand this action.

We do not use cheaper aluminum which tends to be heavier and lead to more fatigue. This becomes a huge advantage when you consider that in a single hike, you might be lifting the poles thousands of times! We do not want you to make a decision between either strength or weight and with our poles you don’t need to!

How Important Are Strong Trekking Poles?

You need to be able to trust your poles through every challenging season and variety of terrains, whether your crossing creeks, icy trails, loose gravel or steep inclines.

Ease the pressure on your legs and knees by allowing your poles do the work when descending long mountain trails.

If you have balance issues or an injury that requires support, you can trust our poles to get you through your next adventure.

Will they fit in my backpack? Are they the right size for my height?

To fit in your backpack, your poles can be broken down to 21 inches. These will work great for kids 7 and up and for heights between 4ft-6.4ft.


21 inches – disassembled
24.5 inches – collapsed
54 inches – fully extended

Weight Per Pole:
9.7 ounces without basket or tip
10.2 ounces with basket or tip

For year round use. Complete accessories included!

Far North Exchange trekking poles already include…
1 carry bag
1 pair mud baskets
1 pair snow baskets
2 pairs (4 pieces) rubber tips
1 pair connectors

Product Features

  • STRONGER AND MORE DURABLE THAN CARBON FIBER – Far North Exchange’s tough aluminum trekking poles are built to endure pressure and impact. Perfect for heavier loads and rocky terrain. Will not splinter like carbon fiber.
  • LIGHTER THAN 6061 ALUMINUM – Our 7075 grade aluminum trekking poles can weigh up to 4 ounces less than other 6061 grade poles. A huge advantage, considering you might be lifting the poles thousands of times in a single hike!
  • QUALITY CORK HANDLES & PADDED STRAPS- Our smooth cork design is comfortable and will form to the shape of your hands while absorbing moisture. Our padded straps prevent chafing on long hikes which makes for a comfortable hiking in all conditions, year round.
  • EASIER TO ADJUST THAN TWIST LOCKS- Our lever lock system is ideal for adjusting on the go, in wet conditions and while wearing gloves. Use our telescoping poles to adjust from 24.5 to 54 inches with ease, as your terrain changes.
  • GET YOUR COMPLETE SET NOW- Choose between our 4 designs, forest green, pink, silver and teal. These poles also come with a carrying bag, 2 pairs of rubber tips, 1 pair of connectors, mud baskets, and snow baskets.


Anonymous says:

Lightweight and Easy to Adjust I just received my trekking poles. I ordered the green ones. Lightweight, easy to adjust.Chris, the owner, responded quickly by email to my questions. I live in the mountains, which we have had a ton of snow this year. These will help me tremendously, I have been a skier for 30 years and both knees have seen better days. I like that there’s mud and snow adjustments. These will work great on the granite trails when I walk down the path.Convenient carrying case.

Anonymous says:

No brainer Out of force of habit, I went looking through the box for the instructions. There were none. So I looked at the poles and it was obvious that no instructions are necessary. The pole is telescoping and can be taken apart and put back together easily. It can be completely collapsed (24″) or taken apart (22″), so it will fit nicely into my carry-on bag. The snap levers are easy to use and seem reliable. It can be adjusted and firmly set short enough for a child (under 4′ tall) and long enough for…

Anonymous says:

Small Company, Big Quality – Plus the Teal is AMAZING! I purchased these due to needing a little extra stability when backpacking due to a knee injury. I haven’t gotten to test them in the great outdoors yet, but I did to a series of stress tests to gauge the solidity of the joints and material. Overall, they seem like they’re going to hold up excellently. The joint hinges not only are tight, but have adjustable screws to ensure they can be snugged back up if necessary – huge for ensuring there isn’t any height slippage when pressure is applied…

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